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Two Dimensional Arrays 

by Vangelis Livadiotis

Multi dimensional arrays are used when we want to keep information in the form of a table. A very good example is when we want to keep information for a mathematical matrix. 

The best way to understand how a multidimensional array works is graphically. This applet shows how a two-dimensional array works graphically. It works exactly like a matrix but if you don't know what that is don't worry it is very simple, this applet should make it very clear. A three dimensional array is exactly like it sounds. A three dimension image. The array goes in the x , y and z direction. A four dimensional array is more complicated and is rarely used in programming.

This applet is really quite similar to the previous one with the only difference that you have to define two positions when creating an array or entering an item.

Note: Applet is limited to an array of 10x3 size.

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