Name: Nicholas Allen Jones

Date of Birth: 20 January 1969

What does he do in the band: He plays bass, and writes lyrics

Other very important things: He has a brother named Patrick. And the first record he bought was Neon Nights by Black Sabbath.

Nicknamed "The Wire" due to height. Same year as James at school where he won lots of awards for things, Best A-level results, Captain of the Football team, Captain of the District and was part of the 'nerd' gang with James. Captained the Welsh National Youth Football side and once had a trial for Arsenal. Is a self-confessed hypochondriac and has Gilbert's Syndrome so he goes yellow (jaundiced), and a bad back. Studied Politics at Swansea University, gained a 2:2. Has been married to his childhood sweetheart, Rachel for a couple of years. Lives near Cardiff and likes playing Golf and Gardening. Supports Tottenham Hotspur and has the bestest cheesy grin, ever. He doesn't drink anymore and prefers to watch telly than party. In the old days numerous photographers and cameramen have been attacked by Nicky's flying bass...