Name: James Dean Bradfield

Date of Birth: 21 februrary 1969

What does he do in the band: Sing, play lead guitar, and writes half the music.

Other very "important" things: Has 2 tattos 1 dolphin and 1 other with a heart saying: Anxiety is freedom. The first single he bought was My old Piano by Diana Ross.

His dad, a biker, wanted to call him Clint Eastwood, but his mum mercifully vetoed the idea. He and Sean are cousins and he was in the same year as Nicky at school. He worked in a bar while Nicky and Richey were at Uni and learnt to play his guitar properly. He used to run for miles to 'pass the time' and to 'stay beautiful'. He moved to London to escape the memories of home, "I'd become obsessed with my own history", and learnt how to mend his socks, "I was 25 and I couldn't put a plug on... now I'm educated domestically". Apparently he became a regular on the party scene around the time of Richey's disappearance but has now "got a much clearer head". " I feel I've got to live in London. There's a transience that keeps me ticking over".

Email: j_bgirl@yahoo.com