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Now Hear This... Hello. This is Hecate speaking, and I would like to point out a few simple things about the page my little sisters and I have created BEFORE you enter. First of all, we read the French manga. This is where we have garnered the greater part of our information. What exactly does this mean? It means that: 1) The names we use may differ from what you are used to. The majority of languages translate the names in Sailor Moon into their own language. Those of you familiar with the North American dub will already know this. 2) Along the same lines, many small cultural details are changed to suit the culture that goes with the language that Sailor Moon is translated into. This means that our information may differ from what you have previously heard. Trust us, in the French manga, Helios is a Prince and Artemis does not know that Minako is not the Princess. 3) Much of what we have done is meant to be humerous. If this is not your sense of humour, please do not email/review us saying that we are stupid. This is hurtful to my young sisters. 4) Please read all disclaimers. Much of what we say is explained. What I am getting at here is that we do realise that many of you visitors to our pages are not from the same cultural background that we are. All we ask is that you do us the same courtesy. Our English is not perfect, and our information differs from your own. This is all well and good. So please think before you email telling us that we are wrong. Intolerance is an ugly thing.
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