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Natalie Ann Loving Thomas

Natalie Loving-Thomas was born in Boston, Massachusetts on December 16, 1947. I was the first daughter of Jackson and Anne Loving. I attended Boston Public Schools. Jeremiah E. Burke was the high school I graduated from in June 1965. My only sister is Ruth Botts. She is a teacher at the Sumner School in Roslindale. I have lived at 97 Floyd Street, Dorchester for the last 43 years. I have two boys, Jermaine and Christopher were born. Jermaine is now 22 years old. He graduated from Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina. Christopher is 20 years old. I have one grandson, Julian Christopher Tarpey Thomas.

I am very active in the Apostolic church. The Church is the primary focus of my life. I attend the Emmanuel Temple Church in Dorchester. I first joined Emmanuel Temple in 1961. My religion is Apostolic Pentecostal. I have belonged to the church for many years. I have been a Sunday School teacher for about many years. I love teaching the young adult Sunday School Class. It is very challenging because of the level of understanding of the Bible.


In 1968, I was given the opportunity to attend Boston State College. They offered me a package, I couldn't resist. Tuition, books and supplies were paid for along with a stipend of $500. After graduating with my degree in Kindergarten-Primary Education, I continued to get my Master's Degree at Boston State College majoring in Urban Education. Since that time, I have been a perpetual student. I am now working towards another Master's Degree in Education, majoring in Instructional Technology. My hobbies are reading, traveling and computers. I consider myself to be very computer literate who spends my spare time working on my websites. Eventually, Iwould love to leave the classroom and train new teachers on computers.