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Green Day Luzer Club

Why should I join?

Well, for number one, If you're anything like me, you'll join just because it's free. Number two, It could mean recieving neat-o files, cool info and whatever else my lazy ass decides to send. I say "What the hey!" join - and if you don't like it.....well tough, if you don't like it, lump it.

But tell me, what does it take to be a LuZeR?

For one thing, you have to be a devoted

Green Day

fan. To me, this means knowing more than just the songs off of Dookie. It means feeling the need to stalk any member of the band on any given day, knowing the stoopidist info about any one member (like shoe size, jock strap size, WHATEVER) and of course, owning some kind of green Day paraphernalia, be it a T-Shirt, socks, or even a poster. And it would be cool if you killed some one too........JUST KIDDING DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!

But how do I know if I'm in the club?

Well, I will e-mail you promptly (or not promptly) with a yes or no. Rarely do i turn anyone away, but It's just cool that I can wield my power around.

Once your a member, keep coming back to the site for club updates and stuff. Or maybe not, depending on how lazy I turn out to be. But either way, you should come back to read the fabulous tales of my two Obsessive Web Helpers (see below).
HEY!! you know what? If you click on this link, you'll see a pretty picture of Billie.....yeah you will.......but it's not mine...nope....its courtesy of Green Day Online (see link page) at Click Here!
Know what else? If you click on this link, you'll see a phat pic of Mike.....but guess's not mine's Green Day online's.....but thats ok so Click Here!!
Ok so you're getting tired of this.....but I really don't give a crap so guess what? I have a pic of Tre too....but that's not mine either so justClick Here dammit!!!

So if ya wanna be in this club, e-mail the addy at the bottom of the screen. It's a relatively new club so don't expect anything great until I get it together, ok???? THANX

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