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South West Victoria Budgerigar Society Inc

A member club of the Budgerigar Council of Victoria, Australia










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Geoff Lowe



An insight into some of our members.

  • Name: Neil Johnstone

  • Married to Kaye

  • Children: Andrew, Nathan.

  • Residence: North Warrnambool

  • Work: Builder

  • Hobbies: Budgerigars,Vintage Cars,Music.

  • Year started in Hobby: 1998

  • Favourite Variety: Recessive Pied

  • Favourite Show:Ballarat &Western Suburbs Diploma Shows

  • Favourite Judge: Mark Bridgeman

  • Favourite Breeder: Geoff & Marilyn Lowe

  • Dinner Guests: Family

  • Name: Marilyn Lowe

  • Husband: Geoff

  • Children: Paul - Tim

  • Residence: Laang

  • Work: Hospitality Guest Services

  • Hobbies: Budgerigars, Sewing, Reading, Travel

  • Year started in hobby: 1994

  • Favourite Variety: Australian Yellow Face

  • Favourite Show: Geelong Diploma Show

  • Favourite Judge: Geoff Gardner

  • Favourite Breeder: George Duffield

  • Dinner Guests: John Farnham - Billy Connolly - Sean Connery - Whoopi Goldberg

  • Name: Geoff Lowe

  • Married to Marilyn, sons Paul & Tim

  • Residence: Laang

  • Work: Retired

  • Hobbies: Budgerigars, Computers, Travelling.

  • Year started in hobby: 1958

  • Favourite Variety: Lutino's, Albinos, Clearwings

  • Favourite Show: Geelong Diploma Show.

  • Favourite Judges: Ian Hunter, Ross Loats

  • Favourite Breeder: Norris partnership, England

  • 4 Dinner Guests: Ron Barassi - Max Walker - Kate Fisher - Jeff Attwood