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South West Victoria Budgerigar Society Inc

A member club of the Budgerigar Council of Victoria, Australia










Website editor
Geoff Lowe


History & Goals

Prior to the club being formed, there had been another club in existence in the area for many years, it was known as the Warrnambool Budgerigar and Cage Bird Society, it ceased to exist in 1991, due to a decline in membership.
The few members that remained, joined other district clubs, which meant they had to travel long distances to attend meetings and shows, with the nearest, the Portland Club, a 200 km return trip from Warrnambool.
The assets that the club had amassed over the years, were kept in storage, by now Life Member, Mr Philip Prider.

Between 1992 - 1996, a few district people became interested in the hobby, and after some discussion by these enthusiasts, it was decided to form a steering committee to establish if there was enough interest amongst those people, to re-form a new club in the area.

After some discussion, at the 2nd meeting of this committee, it was decided that we go ahead with the idea to establish the club. 
Other enthusiasts in the district were informed that with their support, there were enough people interested to re-form a club, and that the inaugural meeting would be held on the 4th Friday in April 1996 to elect a committee.

When the club was formed, it was decided to call it the South West Victoria BS, as members were from many district towns, and not just from Warrnambool, as had been the case in the original club.
The inaugural meeting was a great success, with people from around the district showing their full support, and the first committee was formed under the guidance of a member of the former club, Mr Dave Gammon of Panmure.
Mr Philip Prider was elected as President, and Geoff Lowe elected as Secretary.
Philip had started as junior member of the original club, and had the experience to lead us into the future, and Geoff, although a Warrnambool resident, was a past Secretary of the Camperdown/Colac club, between them they had the know how, to get the club up and running.

The first money to go into the club coffers, was membership money, and the first fund raiser, was the resurrection of an old set of breeding cages belonging to district Champion  breeder, Ken Toogood, that were duly sold,  raising the clubs first $200.

History in the making 

Highly respected Champion breeder and National Judge, Mr Lloyd Richardson of Melbourne, was invited to be our Club Patron, he duly accepted the position, and has been a great help in the setting up of the club.

Certain aims were set for the club, and in the short time the club has been in existence, all of these aims have been achieved. 
Membership of the club fluctuates, but a solid core of members gives the club a good foundation.
We have had 4 of our members pass away, Keith Holmes, Neville Neale, John Kellett and Bill Alford, and others have left  hobby.

Some of our achievements include: 
Establishing our own clubrooms -  Monthly Newsletter - New Staging for Shows. Club uniforms with logo - Club Badges - Good financial base - Internet Site - Diploma Show - Good fundraising concepts - Strong membership, and the winning of the coveted District G.T.P.Jones Shield Interclub, at our 1st attempt in 1998. 

Our Clubrooms are situated in Drummond St Dennington, at the Nestle community hall, opposite the Nestle' factory main gate, meetings are held on the 4th Friday of every month at 8pm, except December, when there is no meeting held.



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