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South West Victoria Budgerigar Society Inc

A member club of the Budgerigar Council of Victoria, Australia










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Website editor
Geoff Lowe



Links To the World of Budgerigars


Australian Societies.

Budgerigar Council of Victoria
Excellent Victorian Site

Eastern District Budgerigar Society.
New site produced by Amanda Vasilou

South Queensland Budgerigar Breeders Assoc.
Very good site produced by Arch Phoenix.

Wynnum Budgerigar Society.
Queensland Club Site, with loads of information, produced by Arch Phoenix.

Taree Budgerigar Society.
Very good country N.S.W. Club Site.

Northeast Budgerigar Society Adelaide Aust.
Peter & Luke Oswald have done a top job with this site.

Southside Budgerigar Society. Perth W.A.
"The full history of the budgerigar".

Australian Personal Sites.

Geoff & Marilyn Lowe
Open breeders from the South West of Victoria, specializing in Albino's.

F1 Stud. Tasmania Australia.
Excellent Site produced by Luke Fletcher, very informative.

Andy's Budgerigars,N.S.W.
Very good site.

Stephen Elliot,Gawler,South Australia
Very informative website.

Budgy's Place,Perth,Western Australia.
Gary Armstrong has done a good job with this site, have a look.


Overseas Societies.

East London Budgerigar Society, South Africa
Andre Kruger has done an excellent job with this site.

Clwyd Budgerigar Society
Clwyd Budgerigar Societies webmaster, Keith Jones has done a top job with this site.

World Budgerigar Organization
Ghalib Al-Nassar and the History of the I.E..

Washington Budgerigar Society
Very good informative site by Chet Swanson.

Blue Chip Exhibition Budgerigar Society
Excellent site, take a look.

Great Lakes Budgerigar Society
Good site from Michigan, U.S.A.

Hamilton & District Budgerigar & Caged bird Society, Canada
Very good Canadian site.

Western Canada Budgerigar Association
Very good site.

The Budgerigar Fanciers of San Diego County.
U.S.A. Site, very good information site.

American Budgerigar Society
Excellent site with wealth of information and links.

Danish Budgerigar Society.
Excellent site with lots of information.

Warrington Budgerigar Society
New Site by Chrissy Smith

Overseas Personal Sites.

Tom Svensson.Scandanavia.
One of Europe's leading breeders, excellent pictures.

Ian Fieldings Web Site.
Very good site.

Budgerigar Bug England.
Excellent site of Norma Philips, plenty of information.

Steve Hutchins, England
A very good site on the Weston-Super-Mare club and Steve Hutchins.

Alan Einigs,England
Alan Einigs is the Vice President of L.C.N.W.B.S.,one of the leading English Societies.

Buhler & Pearce.
International Partnership.

Terry Tuxford,England
Editor Budgerigar World Magazine

John Evans,England.Clearwing Breeder

Nel Brothers South Africa  Very Good Site.

Ellen's Parrots
Homepage De Voliere

Christina P Smith
Good lively personal site

Budgie Biz
World Wide Result Service

Commercial Sites.

Antec International
Manufacturers of Avicultural products including, "Virkon S".

Winners Bird Stud, computerised program for bird keepers record keeping.

Budgie Mania.
Computer program for Avicultural record keeping.

Budgerigar World.
Home Page of Budgerigar World magazine.

Avian Veterinarian products from Wagga Wagga Australia

Special Avicultural Sites.

Clive Hesford, U.K.
Excellent site on genetics.

Mutavi Research
Top Research Site.

Veterinarians online.

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