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maisha's place * my room * about me
updated may 1999
copyright 1998-99 Maisha L. Cannon©

Is it just me or do those "all about me" pages on personal web sites really bite? Really, there's always way too much information for my liking. Who cares that you scored a touchdown in the 5th grade or that you enjoy scuba diving with your great uncle fester every winter?

S ince maisha's place has been up and running (about 9 months), and through its many different "faces" (now on its 4th makeover) I've never had such a page. However, in my "redesign for 99," as I call it, I decided to post a few intriguing facts about myself for those of you who may be interested.

I'll keep this short and sweet (just like me) Here goes nothing!

name: maisha
age: legal
occupation: **student** until May 8th 1999!
location: earth
turn offs: smoking, missing teeth, missing brain cells
what makes me sick: the hypocrisy of the good ole us of a
what's on the walls in my room: paint :-) buff black guy calendars,
clippings from mags, my favorite entertainers
dream car: z3 roadster, range rover, bmw326
favorite snapple flavor: kiwi strawberry
favorite movie: love jones, anything featuring chris tucker
dream occupation: well respected journalist
in ten years... i see myself stacking chedda as a fiction novelist, newswriter,
web page designer or broadcast journalist (madd ambitionz!)

N ow don't you feel better now that you know all my most personal details? if you have any questions, feel free to ask

mp...the front door is always open