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Family Home Evening for June

PRAYER: by family members

SONG: "Because I Have Been Given Much"

1. Play the selfishness game:
Selfishness game:

A tug of war. Put more than half the family on one side of a rope. Put the smallest on the other. Play the tug of war game. Then play the fair way with an even number on both sides. go back into the house to talk about it.

2. Ask what the family thought of that game. Tell them that the family home eve. is on selfishness. Tell them that that game of tug of war, was like selfishness. When a person only thinks of themselves it is always harmful and onesided. This is unfair to other people. They become too self centered, too puffed up, and never think of the little guy and how others might get hurt when one only thinks of himself.

3. What are some things that each of us can do to be unselfish? Write all ideas on a list.(have family members think of some ideas)
1. share
2. help someone 3. give something of yours to someone who is need. (We can give to the Kosovo refugees in our area etc.)
4. Take away from your time to visit a lonely shut in etc.

4.What are some of the things that a person can do unselfishly in their own families? (Write all ideas)

1.Help mother.
2. make your bed without being told.
3.Share without being told.
4. Teach your brother or sister something or read a book to them. (The idea is to go out of your way to help others instead of thinking always about what you yourself want).

******************************************************* 5. Take the Selfish Test

1. Do you ever ask yourself, "What can I do for someone else"?
2. Do you have any friends?
3. Do you take the time to pray?
4. When asked to do something, do you smile and say , "ok", or "I would be glad to"?
5. Do you take time every day to read scriptures?
6. Do you give service in the church even if you don't have a calling? Attending is a type of unselfish obedience.
7. Do you tell your friends about the gospel? Are you planning to go on a mission? Or have been on one?
8. Do you ever do anything for your ancestors? In the way of getting their temple work done?
9. Do you take time to call your friends?
10.Do you help a new person to feel welcome? (In church or at school, or at work)?
11.Do you stop to see if someone is hurt if you witness an accident?
12.Do you do chores without being helped , or offer to help someone who is working when you are not?
13. Do you write letters to loved ones, just to say you are thinking of them?
14. Do you ever share food or give your portion to someone else?
15. Do you pay an honest tithes and offerings? Do you donate money to help the needy?
16. Have each person tell what selfishness is to them. complete: Selfishness is;

******************************************************* 6. Scriptures on selfishness.
D&C 56:8, Matt: 16:26, 1 Cor. 13:5, Mosiah 11 (The story of selfish King Noah),

Selflessness is:
1.Matt. 16:24, 26:39

******************************************************* Selflessness week:
Make a box or jar with the words, "selfless acts", on the outside. Make a bunch of wordstrips that are selfless acts that your family members could do each day this week.

1. Share
2. help someone without them knowing it.
3. give a gift to someone
4. make a picture and give it to someone
5. Write a letter to a missionary or grandma or a friend.
6. Do your chores without being asked.

Question : What Is The Opposite of Selfish (answer - loving)

SONG: "Love One Another"





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