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Love At Home (for young children)

Preperation: Get lots of discard family magizines from friends or family. Poster board. sizzors, glue sticks. Hymn Book, Children's Songbook. Paper and a felt tip pen.

1. Song: Love at Home

2. Prayer

3. Ask. How can we show love at home?

Write down all the answers. (Hugs, helping mother, helping father obeying parents, thinking what you can do for others. Being nice to brothers and sisters. etc. etc).

4. Look in magazines as a family and see if you can find pictures of people who are showing love in these ways.

(Make a decopage) Cut them out, or for very small children you can cut them out and they can glue them on.

5. Sing an activity song (to the music of, "If Your Happy and you Know It").

If your loving and you know it shake my hand, (have children shake hands) then, if your loving and you know it smile real big, help your dad, say your prayers, hold hands, work real hard, make your bed, pet the dog, obey your mom, say hello, etc. You can make up things that your children can act out.

6. Show pictures of Jesus doing loving things:

Healing the sick, and praying for people, with the little children, on the cross etc. Read this scripture: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son".

(Next weeks lesson is how you can show love for the Lord. Talk about how when you help others you are showing love for the Lord, also saying Prayers, reading scriptures, etc.

7. Set goals on how you are going to show love for someone every day.

Put out a clear glass jar for each child. Every time they do something nice have them put a jelly bean in there jar and give them one to eat. Next family home evening they can take and give someone there jar of Jelly beans that shows that they can show others love.

8. Song, "I Love Mother"

9. Prayer

10. Desert RECIPES

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