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"Ah yes, truth. Funny how everyone is always asking for it but when they get it they don't believe it because it's not the truth they want to hear."
Helena Cassadine

UPDATED: 4/15/14


**RUMOR has it Maurice Benard is taking 6mo off..I shall keep you posted

**Connie Towers is back taping as Helena

**according to SOD, a Sabrina recast may be in the works


**Sabrina's baby gets an ultrasound, Carlos gets arrested and Spencer is in danger

**Ellie, Spinelli and baby Georgie back for May sweeps...short very short

**Nurses' Ball is coming soon (May sweeps)

**RUMOR: Ava/Sonny marry so they don't have to testify if the time comes

**Dr. O has news for Victor

**Ava spins her web tightly around Sonny

**I still say Luke will turn out to be Bill Eckert

**Sonny and Ava? Oh yes. and Morgan finds out

**New characters are a coming...even more, Look for a girlie Cassadine soon and possibly Serena

**Nurses' Ball rehearsals are starting! Raise Your Glass!

**AJ's funeral is around the 22 or 23rd.

**Victor comes home..and so does Helena

**Sonny also gets a dose of medicine. The bad kind-from Ava

**Nathan's father? Think Cassadine

**Carlos' DNA is tested and he's arrested

**Ava tries to ease Sonny's guilt

**Luke and Kiki have a confrontation

**Sonny lashes out at Olivia

**Let the Liz/Nik/Ric triangle begin!

**Dr. O tries to make a deal with Lante

**Spencer is seen with NotLuke

**Sabrina finds out her baby may be at risk

**Michael asks Anna about AJ's shooting

**AJ comes back to taunt Sonny in his dreams

**Helena is alive...sooner rather than later

**Jordan proves to be an asset to Ava

Carlos might derail Ava's plans

Spencer wants to warn Uncle Sonny about the scene he saw with NotLuke in the stables

Patrick and Sabrina find out if it's a boy or girl

Carlos is questioned by Anna

Michael vows to catch a killer...Sonny's guilt grows

Nikolas and Ric vie for Liz' affections

Bobbie comforts Monica, Ned comforts Tracy

Why is Jordan REALLY in Port Charles?

Spencer is in over his head.

Lucas dumps Brad--will Felix be there for him?

Sonny's sanity will be tested

Wally Kurth tweeted Ned's back for a cameo (is it AJ's funeral?)

Ned also tells Tracy he thinks Luke's acting like someone that they used to know

Who does Bobbie catch almost in the act?

Kevin finds out about Scotty and Lucy

Morgan is suspicious when he sees Ava with Sonny

Felicia tells Scott to back off

We'll hear more about Victor, and possibly the Jerry connection

RUMOR: Jax is Back!

AND..he brings back a SORA'd Josslyn!

Maxie brings back a fun companion

**RUMOR TWO: WSB saved Faison and he's in a Scarsdale Freezer too!

Lucas will be asked to join the GH staff--will he take it?

keep YOUR EYES on Luke!

Someone else turns up in the "Barrett Enterprise" puzzle!

A Message to WUBBERS!!

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