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Hello, friends! Guess what? LadyLynn's Hugs has been featured as a Better Homes and Websites featured site in Net4TV Voice, a newsletter written by WebTV users for WebTv users (and everyone else!) Being chosen from among hundreds of great sites is quite an honor and part of the reason why is because of folks like you! So a big thanks goes out to all of you, and to Net4TV Voice for believing in my Hugs!

Better Homes and Websites

This issue's Better Homes include four great resource sites for WebTV users, some hugs when you need them, a magical land, and something completely different -- adventures with an Otter Pilot! Of course, all are WebTV user-made!

LadyLynn's Hugs

Got a friend who needs a hug? Whether it's a birthday or special occasion, or just a "thinking of you"... before you go to a commercial card site, check out these hugs by one of our WebTV community members! There are several dozen great "hugs" for you to send on any occasion!

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