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This is the first award that I won for my Hugs. Thanks, Wisecat!

My second award...thanks, Teman!

My third award...thank you,Tasha!

This is a special award...many thanks to!

A big thanks to "Freddie" (and Tom) for this one!

A special thanks to BabyRoseBud for this award!

An award from Eva's Place
'A Homepage Filled with Warmth and Love Award'... Congratulations for making a DIFFERENCE on the Internet!!!!

A big thanks to Teri for her "simply the best" award.

Many thanks to Vickie for this great award!

My thanks to Martha for this cute award!

I won this award for the poem that is on my "Always Near" Hug...thanks, Danielle!

This award is for my "Another Smile" Hug...thank-you!

Thanks to the DBunny Crusaders for this cute award and logo!

I received this on 04/29/00...thanks, Sharon!

A great award from The Guitarman!

Thank you, Katty, for this precious award!

This is from Trey. LadyLynn's Hugs has the honor of being the very first person to win his Gold Award. Thank you, Trey!