October 16, 2003
Hey there Campers! We have now completed week 5 and things are still 'sailing along' just great! We have made our transition into night shooting and the cast and crew continue to pump out an amazing movie. There's nothing quite like being in the woods of SLEEPAWAY CAMP just after midnight. We have shot some more death sequences that will keep campers talking for years! Sorry for the delay in updating but we've all been busy campers! So lock your cabin doors; sit back and enjoy some more exclusive photos from on the set of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP...

Robert directs "Randy" and "Linda" through the beginning of a wild night!

Vinny Pastore and Paul Iacono have a seat in the warming tent as they await shooting.

"Marker!...and ACTION!"

The Hiltzik gals have some fun doing some animal wrangling.

Cheryl and the HAYES boys! Isaac Hayes makes the transition from Animated Chef (South Park) to Live-Action chef in RETURN TO SLEEPWAY CAMP.

Super cool stunt man, Webster Whinery, who was a stunt coordinator on this summer's #1 blockbuster: PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, rigs a tree 50 feet off the ground!

Michael and Michael go over a scene.

Meet Jaime Radow as Happy Counselor "Jenny."

Guess Who's back at Ronnie's Shack!!?? The Man himself, Paul DeAngelo RETURNs as our favorite head counselor: Ronnie! Here he and Jenny shoot a scene behind the dining hall.

Mike Tatosian, who you will recall played a "cook's assistant" in SLEEPAWAY CAMP reprises his role and expands upon it by playing a counselor as well. Here Mike and Felissa recall fond memories of making the original classic.

Get a GRIP on Jimmy "The Tooth" as he gives everyone a peek in the grip truck...Some of the crew gather around the camera crane for a snap.

Rockers CKY make a visit to SLEEPAWAY CAMP and they're not leaving without Felissa giving them a boat ride! The ecstatic fellas make a cameo in the new film.

...And there you have it campers! More to come!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Howdy Campers! Well we have completed week 2 and the movie is rolling along just great! Some of the week's highlights included:
-the arrival of Jonathan Tiersten, RETURNING as RICKY
-We shot the first death sequence (and you guys are gonna LOVE it! SLEEPAWAY is known for it's innovative murders and this is certainly NO Exception)
-We lost power for a bunch of hours one evening due to the hurricane and got to eat our supper in the dark next to a campfire. All the Pizza you could eat and all the beer you could drink! Now that's Campin'!
The Popular fan question of the week was:
A: Have you ever seen a PG rated SLEEPAWAY CAMP??? Exactly! So Don't believe everything you hear unless you read it here. You have NOTHING to worry about...this movie is just as wild and gruesome as any other SLEEPAWAY...actually Even More!!! So you can throw the rumors away in the camp trash...
And now, here's your EXCLUSIVE look Behind-The-Scenes of WEEK 2! Camp is coming back!!

Robert Hiltzik RETURNs to the helm!!!

"Meet me at the WATERFRONT after the social!"

RICKY RETURNs! As you can see, a lot has happened to him in the past 20 years! Then again, if you suffered the trauma of the first SLEEPAWAY CAMP, you'd probably be lucky to even have your hair 20 years later.

Felissa and Jeff goofing around behind the camp kitchen.

Meet "KAREN" and "MARIE," campers at the new SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Here they go over the script in preparation for one of their scenes.

Robert and renowned Cinematographer Ken Kelsch make sure the new SLEEPAWAY looks hot!!

Robert playfully bullies actor Michael Gibney on the set! Directors can be SO MEAN!

Jeff mixes blood for one of the movies highly innovative death sequences!

Felissa goes for a fun ride on Ken Kelsch's fabulous 4-wheeler!

...and there you have it campers!! Until next week, keep the campfire burning and the marshamallows roasting! See you soon!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Howdy Campers!! Greetings from SLEEPAWAY CAMP!
We have completed week 1 of filming and week 2 begins tomorrow. It has been an exciting experience watching Robert's wild script come to life before the camera. Felissa and I have been having a blast shooting some Behind-The-Scenes footage and also working on various production details.

Felissa and Jeff on the set of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP
Now to answer many of your questions surrounding the RETURN-
RETURNING cast members include PAUL DeANGELO as RONNIE. Paul and I had lunch on Sunday before he went on set to shoot his first scene. He's as cool as ever!! Yep-The MAN is back... and once again providing his own wardrobe. He hasn't pulled out a red jogging suit yet, but if he does, I'll be sure to let you all know. JONATHAN TIERSTEN is also RETURNing as RICKY. He still has a bit of a potty mouth and definitely isn't afraid to use it. Jonathan shoots this week. Other cast will include VINCENT PASTORE (THE SOPRANOS, THE HURRICANE) and ISAAC HAYES (who played THE DUKE in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and is also the voice of CHEF on SOUTH PARK). Lots of Stunning FX are being created and the RETURN is gonna be worth the wait! As for Felissa RETURNing as "Angela," anything is possible! In other news, LORIS SALLAHIAN (BILLY) unfortunately couldn't get on board the project due to his hectic schedule with a new clothing line he is working on. However, his replacement is doing an amazing job nonetheless. For those of you who have tried to e-mail me; unfortunately my e-mail access is limited up here at camp (and I haven't been able to go through a lot of it yet) but I will get back to you as soon as I can.
So Campers, until next update, Stay Cool and get ready to RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY. We're bringing it back and it's going to be a wild ride!!!

September 10, 2003

Sorry it took so long to get an update on this project out to everyone! We've all been working really hard behind-the-scenes to get this movie going. We didn't want to post anything until we had everything locked into place... but now we do, and it's time to reignite the campfire!!! I know I have received e-mails from many of you asking if this movie was ever going to happen OR if it was a "Publicity Stunt" because that is what you had read on some silly website... Whoever concocted that story must have been smoking some of what Kenny and Mike shared under the boathouse. People who have no involvement with the project seem to love creating rumors...but as Aunt Martha always says "That's water under the bridge" now! All washed up. I know you have all been waiting a LONG time to hear this news... well you can break out the marshamallows my fellow campers, because IT'S ON and we're RETURNing TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP!!!

More details to come...