December 4, 2003
Howdy Campers!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! It was on Thanksgiving weekend 20 YEARS AGO that SLEEPAWAY CAMP made it's big screen debut to #1 at the New York Box Office!! Now, we're getting ready to pour on the gravy once again with a Brand New Chapter! So while the excitement and Holiday spirit flows through the air, kick back and enjoy some more goodies: New on-set pics from the fortcoming RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP...

Ronnie rehearses a scene with CHEF himself: Isaac Hayes

The RETURN crew take control of the road!

"Bella" gets touched up outside a cabin.

Camp Owner, FRANK, addresses campers during lunch.

setting up shop In The Woods

Robert makes certain that Michael knows how to Weild a Knife!

Robert rehearses on the dock with a bunch of camp beauties and Brye Cooper (who was one of the PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN)!

It's a Foggy morning at SLEEPAWAY CAMP! That stuff sure knows how to creep through the mountains!

Executive Producer Tom Van Dell swings by set to make sure all is well and gory!

November 5, 2003
That's A Wrap!!
That's right campers, we've wrapped shooting and now the movie moves on to post-production. We had an incredible 8 weeks making the new SLEEPAWAY...and the fun is only beginning! As we get closer to the release, we are going to have some cool contests where you can win some collectable RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP merchandise!! So stay tuned campers and here are some more exclusive on-the-set photos to keep your appetites wet...

Meet "Petey," one of RETURN's new babes-in-the-woods.

Meet "Weed" (played by CHILDREN OF THE CORN V's Adam Wylie)...he appears to be rolling something...Hmm, I wonder how he got his nickname?

Who's The Man!!?? That's right folks, Ronnie, the original head counselor is back to keep campers in line.

Take a boat ride with Jonathan Tiersten and Felissa Rose!

Crew sets up to shoot in one of the cabins.

Make-Up maestros: Leo And Johnny do some last minute make-up touches on "Spaz."

Rob and Wookash make sure RETURN sounds Squishy!

Pierre and Jose- The Kings of Props!

Jeff and Ashlyn (Camp Manabe's bodacious lifeguard) take a photo after shooting a behind-the-scenes interview.

Between scenes, "Ronnie" keeps cast members entertained with some of his smooth card tricks.

That's a WRAP! Vinny makes his way through the crowd after wrapping...and some of the cast get together for some group photos after completing filming.

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