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With this program you may watch the location of the planets of Sun's system for
desired day, also in which zodiacal constelation every planet is projected looking
from Earth. There is two models : 'Sky model - What and where you may look
realy on the sky" and 'Zodiacal model - Good for horoscopes'. You may choose
one of 3 views (for better view on monitor)- circular orbits with reduced distan-
ces,circular orbits with real distances and eliptic orbits with reduced distances.
In which of 3 views is considered the real distances of planets, their eliptic orbits
and non-uniform movement. Also for every day you can get the distance in a.e.
for every planet to Sun and to Earth. This progam i have writed on Pascal.

For simple preview on Java click here :  JAVA Preview

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