SMALL WHITE CRANE KEMPO BLACK BELT COURSE teaches a forms-based system of empty-hand self-defense that utilizes two of the basic forms of White Crane Kempo (Chuan Fa): Three Battles and Thirteen Defenses. These versions eventually evolved into other forms found in various Okinawan arts. In addition to these forms, the system includes a striking set, a kicking set and a short wooden dummy form. With three ranks to black belt, White Crane Kempo adds an interesting, hard-core, striking art to our library of systems.

The series costs only $45.00 USD. Mr. Shook holds Dan rankings in Sin Moo Hapkido, Goshin Jujitsu, Renzoku Jujitsu, White Dragon Kempo, Chinese Kenpo (Chuan Fa), American Kenpo and Kanshu Kenpo. His efforts have been recognized by several organizations: World Martial Arts Masters Society, Budokaikan International, International Assembly of Sokeship, World Nibuikai Budo Federation, International Alliance of Martial Arts Masters, the World Karate Union Hall of Fame and the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

White Crane Kempo Black Belt series consists of three ranks - Green, Brown and 1st Black (see below) - and costs only $45.00 USD.
Testing is accomplished with VHS tapes or DVD's in which the student performs the requirements for each rank. All test tapes should be on VHS tapes or DVD's. The testing fee is $49.95 USD per test/rank, only $15.00 per test/rank for IMAF members.
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Email us for more information or call 817-874-8296. Mailing address: Robert Shook-IMF, 3316 Minot Ave, Fort Worth TX 76133 USA. Come visit the IMF Store on CafePress to buy Kempo T-shirts!

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Green Sash

Striking Set

Kicking Set

Combinations Set 1

Wooden Dummy Set

Brown Sash

Form 1 3 Battles

Combinations Set 2

Wooden Dummy Set

Black Sash Level I

Form 2 13 Defenses

Combinations Set 3

Wooden Dummy Set