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Herbie Mann---Evlotion of Mann---1960

John Hammond---I Can Tell---1967

Soul Christmas---Soul Christmas---1968

Wilson Pickett---Hey Jude---1969

John Hammond---Southern Fried---1969

Boz Scaggs---Boz Scaggs---1969

Barry Goldberg---Two Jews Blues---1969

Otis Rush---Mourning In The Morning---1969

Delaney Bramlett---To Bonnie From Delaney---1970

Ronnie Hawkins---Ronnie Hawkins---1970

Lulu---New Routes---1970

Laura Nyro---Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat---1970

Derek & The Dominos---Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs---1970

Aretha Franklin---This Girl's In Love With You---1970

Johnny Jenkins---Ton Ton Macoute---1970

Aretha Franklin---Spirit In The Dark---1970

Delaney Bramlett---Motel Shot---1971

Cowboy---5'll Get You Ten---1971

Herbie Mann---Push Push---1971

Barry Goldberg---Blast From My Past-1972

Eric Clapton---History Of Eric Clapton---1972

Wilson Pickett---Greatest Hits---1976

Eric Clapton---Timepieces, Best Of---1982

Aretha Franklin---30 Greatest Hits---1986

Atlantic Blues---Atlantic Blues: Chicago---1986

Atlantic Blues---Atlantic Blues: Guitar---1986

Atlantic Blues---Atlantic Blues Box Set---1986

Delaney & Bonnie---Best Of Delaney & Bonnie---1990

Derek & The Dominos---Layla Sessions---1990

Clarence Carter---Snatchin' It Back---1992

Various Artists---Rebel Rousers---1992

Wilson Pickett---Man & A Half, Best Of---1992

Various Artists---Rock Of The 70's---1992

Aretha Franklin---Queen Of Soul---1993

Cowboy---Different Time, Best Of---1993

John Hammond---You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover---1993

Original Soul---Original Soul Christmas---1995

Various Artists---Heroes Of Country Music, Vol. 5---1996

Various Artists---Crossroads: Southern Routes---1996

Various Artists---Blues Masters Vol. 17---1996

Judy Mayhan---Moments, In The Beginning---1998

King Curtis---King Curtis & The Kingpins---?


Various Artists---South's Greatest Hits---1972

Bonnie Bramlett---It's Time---1975

Various Artists---Hotels, Motels & Hotels & Roadshows---1976

Soundtrack---Out For Justice---1977

Gary Stewart---Cactus & Rose---1980

Rick Christian---Sweet Young Thing---1983

Hourglass---Soul Of Time---1985

Lori Carson---Shelter---1990

Blues Traveler---Travelers & Thieves---1991

Toy Caldwell---Toy Caldwell---1992

Various Artists---Rebel Rousers---1992

Various Artists---Southern Fried Rock---1992

Floyd Miles---Crazy Man---1992

Brad Gillis---Gilrock Ranch---1993

Floyd Miles---Goin' Back To Daytona---1994

Various Artists---Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame---1996

Various Artists---Crossroads: Southern Routes---1996

King Snake---King Snake Merry Christmas---1996

Mudy Waters Tribute---You're Gonna Miss Me(When I'm Dead)---1997

Ronnie Earl---Colour Of Love---1997

Terri Rice---Terri Rice---1997

Various Artists---Harley Davidson Road Songs, Vol. 2---1998

Various Artists---Southern Rock Essentials---1998

Floyd Miles---Floyd Miles & Friends---1999


Kitty Wells---Forever Young---1974

Elvin Bishop---Let It Flow---1974

Grinderswitch---Honest To Goodness---1974

Bobby Whitlock---One Of A Kind---1975

Elvin Bishop---Juke Joint Jump---1975

Marshall Tucker Band---Searchin' For A Rainbow---1975

Charlie Daniels Band---Fire On The Mountain---1975

Buddy Miles---Bicentennial Gathering Of The Tribe---1976

Charlie Daniels Band---Volunteer Jam---1976

Bonnie Bramlett---Lady's Choice---1976

Katy Moffatt---Kissin' The California Sun---1978

Michael Martin Murphy---Best Of---1982

Hank Williams Jr.---Major Moves---1984

David Allan Coe---17 Greatest Hits---1985

Don Johnson---Heartbeat---1986

Hank Williams Jr.---Mountain Cafe---1986

Derek & The Dominos---Layla Sessions---1990

Various Artists---Southern Rock Classics---1992

Various Artists---Guitars That Ruled The World---1992

Floyd Miles---Crazy Man---1992

Floyd Miles---Goin' Back To Daytona---1994

Various Artists---Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame---1996

Various Artists---Crossroads: Southern Routes---1996

Various Artists---The Songs Of Jimmie Rogers---1997

Various Artists---Blues Masters Vol. 17---1998

Various Artists---Legends Of Rock Guitar Vol. 2---1998

Various Artists---Secret Sessions---1999

Various Artists---Hurricane Florida Blues Guitar---1999

Floyd Miles---Goin' Back To Daytona---1994