Thank You's

After looking at Mike's page and that of a few other people, I noted that they all thanked people. I was thinking that I should do the same. I wasn't going to, but then I realized how many people that I've meant to thank along the way, and never got around to it. So, here we go:

The Family

I know I should thank my parents, for doing all the wonderful things that they do for me. I whine and moan about how annoying they are, but really, they're good people. Without them, I wouldn't be here. So, thanks.
They've also been a continuous source of support during college. Sometimes I thought it was nagging, but in reality, it was them being kind.

And, of course, to my brother. For anyone that doesn't know him, he is amazing(and much smarter than me). Jim, thanks for making me stick with things, and forcing me to wake up and stop being so absorbed in the little picture. For letting me convince you to go back to camp. For laughing at me, for singing Weird Al and They Might Be Giants. For hiking with me that day in Franconia when you could have gone faster if you'd gone by yourself. You're one of the most unselfish people I know. For getting me into rock climbing. For everything. You absolutly rock.

Friends and Such

First, to Maggie. Wow, thanks for sticking by me through everything, and listening to my stories, my complaints, my sobbing, or my complete silence over the phone. You'll probably never understand how much it means to me. For getting me to listen to Ani. And for just being cool. I hope you do become president, you've got my vote. I can't imagine a better friend.

Julie, you are damn cool. I meant every single word I wrote in that thing for Dartmouth, and I'm not kidding. You are unbelievably funny, and you laugh at all my stupid...ok, well, most of my stupid jokes. You hit boys. You hit girls. You are willing to yell "ALLISON DORR IS COOL!!" on a crowded street in the middle of the day. No matter where I go, whenever I drink a cup of coffee or see an animated move, I'll think of you. I'm so glad we can always get together, and no matter how long it's been, it's like nothing has ever>

Mangan, I've learned a lot from you. Watching you play out your hand has proved to me that it's possible to survive having been totally cut lose. You've done really well with your independance. I've also really liked taking you on as a part of my family. I know you never needed me, but at least the effort was there. Thanks for all the fun: driving randomly around town, tech weeks, Taco Bell and dounut runs, and "show up at Sean's" nights. I'll miss you.

To Morgan, for all the talks and sleepovers, and coming over to visit me when I was housebound...for playing Yoshi at 3AM and giggling even though we were supposed to be in bed. For being honest with me, and for laughing. For saying you like my writing. You rock. Thanks so much for being my friend, and teaching me all about doggies and the way they...well, you remember. Thanks.

KathrynO, you have been a major sun spot in the last three years of my life. You're love, joy, and smile are totally infectious. They spread everywhere, to me included, even when I didn't want them too. Thanks. Also, thanks for keeping drama and math low key and cool. Your level-headedness and hugs kept me chill. Thanks. You, Plaud, and Mrs. Spencer kept it real from the halls of MHS. Rock on.

Camp People
**There are way to many people to thank here. I'm carving away. I will eventually get to you all.**

Annie, I love you. There's nothing like a boss who's also your second mommy. Thank you for Prayer Bear and for helping me through my first summer. As you full-well know, that wasn't fun for me, but it was worth it and I'm glad you made me stick by my kids. Keep doing what you do, being in charge of camp, raising your kids, and running the McCauley Boarding House. Everyone needs somewhere to live sometime in their life. It might as well be your house, no? Thanks again Annie.

To all the LITs from 1998, all fifteen of you, and yes, I will list your names. That's Dina, Ginger, Grace, Froggie, C.C., Meridith, Hillary, Cori, Kristen, Liz, Ali, Abbi, Joy, Heidi, and Lesley. And of course, to Jen and Heather. Jen-thank you so much for everything. I only wish I had something to say other than that. You've probably changed lots of people's lives, and I hope you keep on doing it, becuase you are so good at it. You really do have a gift. And Heather, for staying in touch, for letting me come and talk to you even when I wasn't your camper anymore. Thanks so much for being so fun and entertaining, answering my questions, and making me laugh (via e-mail, letter, or in person).

Ali, I owe you your own space. You are the dog. I love you so much. Thank you for asking me for advice and ideas when I wasn't sure what was going on. I always dreaded the day when we both had a conflict at the same time. But, it came and went with no injury to either of us. You are an awesome sounding board and a very, very cool human being. If you want to hear more about how great you are, just ask.

Thank you LITs of 2000. Erin, Sethaly, Alisa, Susanne, Laura, Margie, Carolyn, Sabrina, Marina, Devon, Melanie, Amanda, and Barnrat. Congrats on the amazing summer. You already know how much I love you guys, but thank you so much for all you taught me this summer. The day on the zip line and getting the chance to speak with you...that was so much fun. You guys all make me laugh, and I love you so much. Come back to camp as many times as you can so I can be your co.

Sutt-but. You are one of the first people that isn't my age that I've been able to do that with. This is an unprecidented time for both of us, and we're just going to rock it. Thank you for everything-our first night off, rides in the brick, Java Joe's, the occational one-way discussion, amazing emails, and the chance to be friends with someone like you.

Big Dog, you kick. Even though you were a scary kid, you turned out really awesome. :) You never even pantsed me. I guess you weren't so bad back then. Thank you for making me sort out my crap, and thanks for telling me that all is well. Your sense of reality is going to to take you far, in the Peace Corps, Camp, or at Vision Quest. I hope that someday I can travel as far and wide as you do, and earn my nickname..."little dog."

Of course, Gallic, I don't know why it took me so long to get you up, we'll have to fight about it. Thank you for being my co-co, working with me at camp, and helping me rid myself of my irrational fear of a co-counselor. It's been such a blast to work with you for five years. I'm so fortunate to have a teammate like you. You are so much fun outside camp too. Keep working and laughing. You rock.

Hey, Redfern, I missed you this summer. I'll really miss the expertise that you have with climbing and getting kids up in the air. You made them think by challenging their limits...such a great job. Thanks for the help in getting child's harnesses and working so hard to get girls up on the wall. I know that camp isn't your place right now, but I'm sure that our paths will cross again somewhere down the line. I can't wait.

Treanna, thank you thank you thank you. You are another one of those people who has really changed the way I look at Life. Thank you for raising my thought, for being honest with me, for holding little children in your arms, for your leadership, fun, sense of humor, warmth, mothering and fathering qualities, and making camp your own. You are truly incredible.

A mass thank you to anyone who has ever been in my cabin, has ever taken my ropes classes, or gone on one of my trips. Thanks for all you guys teach me. I know that you are the ones that are supposedly learning, but I promise I've learned so much from you. Sometimes, I'll get into a mental box on how to solve a problem and I'll only see one possible solution. But you shock me by coming up with at least one more. Thanks for taking interest in the things that I care about.

Colby People

BooYEAH! Kyle, you are a riot. You'll always be my favoite chicken-man. Thanks for teaching me how to ride in your car, Iron Cheffing it, and Warcraft for hours and hours. Never ever turn off your V-Chip. Morality and purity are super undervalued in this world and you have both. Thanks for the fun year.

Kevin Radloff, you are just you. There's no one else I really know that lays it out all on the table like you do. There's nothing really left to the imagination, is there? I've really liked getting to know you, and finding out that Bob's really is my dad.

Jenn- thanks. You were one of the first people I really got to know at school. You're also one of the few two-way-street friends I've had in a long long time. Good thing you ended up on Holly's COOT, otherwise I might not have had the pleasure. Take care of yourself.

Hey Miranda. I'm honored and overjoyed to consider you one of my best and closest friends. There's the serious stuff and the fun stuff and we've got both of them going on. There's no one else I'd rather have a conversation about stupid stuff with, and at the same time, I treasure our deeper moments when we really bust through the crap and get some thinking done. I love you. Thanks for being cute, matter-of-fact, and for not wearing a jacket when you go outside. You make me laugh, you make me think. I almost feel like I'm talking to me sometimes. It's like inner-monologue, except it's Miranda, and I'm talking outloud. Thanks, dog, you're hard-core.

Emma, thank you for being you. There's not much more that I can say than that. I've had such a blast having fun with you...hiking around Europe, wandering around Ireland, and driving around Minnesota. You've been the best friend and roommate and confidant that I could ever ask for. I'm really grateful. Oh, and thanks for making me into an honorary Catholic. It's been awesome getting to know the way you think and trying to find common ground. Plus, you Catholics are kind of fun.

Little Laura, thanks for all the fun, the long talks, the destressing walks, and the chance to make money by doing Russian. You've been so awesome to know, and I'm so grateful that you picked me.

Teachers and Mentors

First, of course, to Mr. Stockbridge, the man who actually got me wanting to come to school each morning, just to sit in his class. You've taught me how to learn, and how powerful my mind really is. Watching you teach shows me how I can reach some gum chewer in the back row, or some nerd in the front. You've also taken me under your wing and actually let me take your class away from you temporarily, and it's been a pleasure. Working with you has made teaching fun.

Phebe, you are wonderful. Thanks for listening to me on the phone, and being very practical when I wasn't. Thanks for teaching me to drive in Boston. Thank you for helping me find where God fits into my life. Thanks for laughing at my jokes and at the funny music in my car. I can't even figure out quite what to say. You are so honest, with yourself, and everyone around you. You amaze me, and I hope you always stay as sweet and wonderful as you are.

Mrs. Dugan, thanks. Thanks for listening to me whine, and for giving me a B minus and the benefit of the doubt. Thank you for giving me standards to live by. You're one of the best teachers I know, and I hope that someday I can touch as many lives as you have.

Stan, even thought I have just met you, I have to say that you are one of the most dedicated people I know. And I'm totally grateful. Seeing you here in church has given me a real inspiration not to cut out on a church or society when the going gets tough. Your charity, perserverence, and multi-talentedness are an inspiration.

John, thanks for the job. I love working in the theatre here. I probably wouldn't have come back to Colby had it not been for Blue Heart, and it's probably also the main reason I stayed here. I've learned so much from you and Jim about what it means to be a techie and what responsibilities it entails.

There's still so much more to do here, and I don't know if I'll ever get to it...but know that there are so many people that I love and care about. Too many to try to list them all.

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