Stupid Things!

This is a section all about the dumb things I've said to people. It's probably a bit more funny if you speak Russian, although, come to think of it, maybe not.

Anyway, hope it's entertaining.

Oh, and I know the pictures are dark. They looked better on my computer than they do on the web. The book in the second one is my grammar book: "Making Progress in Russian."

This neeeds to be prefaced with an definition. Plof is a Russian dish of rice mixed with some kind of meat (often of low grade) and some mystery spices. Usually tasty, especially in cheap cafes and cafeterias.

To: The serving lady at the cafeteria in the library.
I meant to say: I would like the plof.
I said: I would like flesh.

To: A woman in a store.
I meant to say: Could you please tell me where the bathroom is?
I said: I know where the bathroom you?

I discovered the difference between these two very very recently, so I've probably said this to lots of people, lots of times. Oops.

To: My friend/interview subject, Tanya
What I meant to say: I usually speak with country/uneducated people.
What I said: I usually speak with wooden people.

To: Katya, my host sister.
I meant to say: Your mother is very kind.
I said: Your mother is very expensive.

To: My host mother, about a man that I met at church.
I meant to say: Hes a strange man, but I like him.
I said: Hes a terrible man, but I like him.

To: My host mother.
I meant to say: Im going to be in the shower.
I said: Im going to be in my soul.

To: A woman selling icons in Kazan Cathedral.
I meant to say: Id like the Mother of God (Mary) in blue.
I said: Id like the strongest Mother of God.