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The eMSSA Gallery

eMSSA logoSpace allowing, I would like to use this part of the eMSSA site to upload some files and video footage of list members doing martial arts. So, if you have any pictures of you ripping through a whole stack of rooftiles, or perhaps something less violent, feel free to e-mail it to me for possible inclusion in the site.

Please be patient. Since this part of the site is graphics intensive, it might take a while to load - but it will be worth it.

Greg SolomonThis is a picture of Greg Solomon, the eMSSA List Founder and Administrator, kicking through roof tiles. It was taken from the brief item that SABC 1 showed on martial arts, following the Martial Arts Festival held in October 1997. View the AVI version here.

Greg Solomon

And here is Greg doing a flying kick.

Hoosain NarkerAnd this is Hoosain Narker, one of the (if not the) most active eMSSA members. Hoosain is head of Ashihara Karate in South Africa.

Here we see him smile as a car drives over his stomach.

Greg HartHere is Greg Hart, doing a classic flying kick, showing off exactly the kind of kicks which make Tang Soo Do famous.

Pieter BothaPieter Botha gently smashes through a couple of bricks in this photo, showing us he means business! And judging by his sharp rhetoric on the eMSSA forum, it's pretty obvious there too.

Pieter is a 4th Dan with the World Ji Do Kwan Federation, and is also a member of the Vaal Taekwondo Academy (SATF/WTF).


Morne is the president of Jeet Kune Do Unlimited & World Taiji Boxing Association. Here you can see him in a couple of poses.

Steven YatesSteven Yates is co-founder of Rough-And-Tumble.

Steven spent a year in China, and here is a photo of him teaching at a martial arts seminar.

Darryl GraumannDarryl Grauman is a free-lance instructor for Cobra Martial arts, based in New Zealand. He is also committed to the inclusion of Pankration in the 2004 Olympics. If this photo impressed you (he's the one on the right), you can read more about him at Cobra NZ.

Jake DavidowJake Davidow represents Cobra Martial Arts in South Africa, and has been training since he was 6.You can see more at Cobra SA.

Philip CollierPhilip CollierPhilip Collier joins us from the coastal areas, and this is his Green Dragon MA page.

In these photos, we can see Philip applying a technique against a knife attack, and then participating in the ancient Tea Ceremony (that's him in the middle).

Ed BarnardThis is Ed Barnard of the Choy Lay Fut Chinese Martial Arts Academy, whose website you can find here.

In this picture, Ed is demonstrating the Choy Lay Fut Kwon Dao form.

Lizette van Heerden is a rather interesting eMSSA list member in that she represents the Ren Guang Yi lineage of Chen Taiji in South Africa, but she has also been in the movies! Lizette poses for us in the first picture, she smiles for the camera with Adrian Paul (of Highlander fame) on the set of Merlin, and in the final picture we see Lizette with her instructor Jose Manuel Figueroa, and also Xian Gao.
Lizette van Heerden 1
Lizette van Heerden 2
Lizette van Heerden 3