We are a bunch of random people that choose to make our music with computers...we make our music hard and strange with few limits on what will go on to the finished product. Thus far, Distort has featured two artists (Doormouse and Unibomber), though future releases may involve others. Addict is a side project of doormouse to release muisc that is not always 'hardcore' per se, but still has a focus on the experimental, whether it be in the form of jungle, house, techno, country...you get the point. Our future is shadowy, probably going back to white labels with etching for those that need to differentiate. if you're a huge fan of label art, go get a marker and make your own. Feel free to contact us...we're not as drunk as you think DISTORT/ADDICT 2844 N. Oakland Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53211 phone-414-906-1751 fax-414-906-1761 Products available domesticly through SYNTAX DIST. fax-212-268-2524 Have you punched a lesbian today?

Email: massive@execpc.com