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The Best of The Universal Wrestling Federation!

Headline matches from the mid- to late-1980s; almost 6 hours of action!

1. Brawl between Terry Taylor and Freebird Buddy Roberts; Taylor works over Roberts, leading tooÖ
2. ÖTerry Taylor vs. Buddy Robertsóby DQ; Roberts works over Taylor after the disqualification
3. Terry Taylor vs. The One Man Gangóby DQ; Devastation Inc. works over Taylor, who bleeds profusely. Dibiase, Guerrero, and Iceman Parsons make the save
4. The Fantastics vs. Sting and "Hotstuff" Eddie Gilbertódouble DQ; awesome match with wild finish as Dark Journey and Missy Hyatt go at it. John Tatum and The Missing Link get involved too!
5. Terry Taylor vs. Freebird Michael Hayes; after the match, Hayes whips Taylor with a leather beltóbrutal
6. The Missing Link vs. "Hollywood" John Tatum (Valet for a day match); plus, the ending of this match leads to the breakup of Hyatt & Hotstuff International. Great heat!
7. Freebird Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy vs. Steve "Dr. Death" Williamsódouble pin; outstanding, physical match! One of the better matches I have on tape.
8. The Fantastics vs. Sting and "Hotstuff" Eddie Gilbert (Non-disqualification match); another tough match
9. The Fantastics vs. "Hollywood" John Tatum and Jack Victory; good match, but real action happens after when Missy Hyatt turns on Tatum and busts him open with her Gucci bag!
10. "Gentleman" Chris Adams and The Missing Link vs. Savannah Jack and The One Man Gangóby DQ; after the disqualification, S. Jack leaves Devastation Inc. and takes out the Gang, Bad Leroy Brown and Skandar Akbar!
11. Ted Dibiase and Terry Taylor vs. Freebirds Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts (Country Whippiní Tag Match); a brutal, high paced match, where all 4 competitors have leather belts to use at their disposal. Freebirds lose the match, but win the war.
12. Freebird Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy vs. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams; before the match Devastation Inc. attacks Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Gordy and Michael Hayes injure Williamsí arm, but Dr. Death comes back to put on a great match!
13. Video on Steve WilliamsóTerry Gordy rivalry
14. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams and The Fantastics vs. The Fabulous Freebirdsóby DQ; more solid action
15. "Gentleman" Chris Adams and Terry Taylor vs. Ted Dibiase and Sam Houstanódraw; superb face vs. face match; the fans really get into it!
16. Sting and "Iceman" King Parsons vs. "Gentleman" Chris Adamsóby DQ; Terry Taylor shows up to the show late and Adams must partake in the handicapped match. Taylor saves a bloodied Adams to cause the DQ!
17. Big Bubba Rogers wins the U.W.F. Heavyweight Title from The One Man Gang; OMG juices pretty good in a slug-fest
18. Sting and Rick Steiner win the U.W.F. Tag Team Titles from Chris Adams and Terry Taylor; JIP, last few min. of match where Taylor starts his heels change
19. "Gentleman" Chris Adams vs. Terry Tayloróby countout; solid work by both competitors, plus more hints to Taylorís heel turn
20. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams vs. Eddie "Hotstuff" Gilbert; long match which ends with Gilbert and "Capt. Redneck" Dick Murdoch breaking Williamsí arm!
21. Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner win the U.W.F. Tag Team Titles from Sting and Rick Steiner; good tag team action
22. Terry Taylor vs. Sting; another solid match, which ends with Taylor cementing his heel turn. Taylor and Eddie Gilbert work over Sting. Chris Adams makes the save and a great 4-man feud begins. This is the match that started Stingís face turn, and the rest is history.
23. Freebird Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy vs. Capt. Redneck Dick Murdockóby DQ; good match between 2 tough brawlers
24. Sting vs. Black Bartódouble DQ; short, but physical match
25. Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner vs. The Angel of Death and the Terminatoróby DQ; more great tag action!
26. Freebirds Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts vs. Dick Murdock and Eddie Gilbertóby DQ; Freebirds take a beating after the match and Steve Williams makes the save
27. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams vs. Capt. Redneck Dick Murdock; more great wrestling with a brutal post-match brawl where Gilbert, Murdock and Bubba Rogers just annihilate Williams and Dusty Rhodes
28. "Gentleman" Chris Adams vs. Rick Steineróby DQ; Adams bleeds profusely and Sting makes the save only to get worked over as well.
29. Freebird Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy vs. Black Bart (Tapped Fist Match); Bart bleeds all over the place in one of the bloodiest, most physcial matches I have on tape; unbelievable this was aired on TV
30. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams and Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy vs. Capt. Redneck Dick Murdock and Eddie "Hotstuff" Gilbert (Bunkhouse Match); JIP, last 5 min. of match
31. Press Conference with Terry Taylor; Taylor hits Chris Adams with a chair, busting open AdamsÖagain
32. Terry Taylor punks Sting by hitting him in the back of the head with a chair
33. Terry Taylor and Eddie "Hotstuff" Gilbert vs. Sting and Shane Douglas; after the match Sting and Chris Adams brawl all over the arena against Gilbert and Taylor; brutal action, very similar to todayís hardcore matches.
34. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams vs. Black Bartódouble DQ; Bart bleeds big time again in another physical match
35. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams wins the U.W.F. Heavyweight Title from Big Bubba Rogers; JIP, last 4 min. of match, plus post-match celebration!

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