IH Cub Cadet 149

This is a page dedicated to my IH Cub Cadet model 149 Tractor. This tractor
features a 14-hp Kohler Engine, a Hydrostatic transmission, 42" mower deck,
and hydraulic lift. It also came with tire chains and an original IH seatpad.
This makes it a lot more comfortable for those long mowing jobs!
It was originally purchased at V. H. Cogswell, Inc. in Dover, NH (See the original dealer sticker HERE).
This tractor is one of the many fine Tractors built by
International Harvester in the 60s and 70s, and it is still one of the most durable
and longest-lasting around, even now, 27 years later
(This tractor was built around June, 1972, and is serial #454900). This tractor is all-metal,
so, unlike today's plasticized tractors, it is not going to crack or break with
a minor bump. The photo above shows the tractor as it was when
I first got it-it has now been all cleaned up, and looks a lot better. I am hoping to
repaint or restore the mower deck this winter, and I would eventually like to re-do
the whole machine,but until I have more free time, that will (unfortunately)have to wait.
I am also hoping to find a snowplow/snowblower for it this winter.
As some of you probably know, Cub Cadets are still being built by MTD, who bought the
Cub Cadet line from IH in 1982. Unfortunately, MTD decided to build a lower-quality
machine to lower costs. Their current machines, while they look nice new, will not
last the 30+ years that can be expected from an old IH machine. It is also interesting to
note that the older IH machines (if they are in reasonable shape) are oftern worth
just as much as a new MTD unit.
Anyway, I have really enjoyed this tractor, and I hope that I have helped someone in
their search for information on an IH Cub Cadet.

3/13/00-Well, I got to play in the snow this winter! Never got around to redoing the deck, but oh well. I've been really amazed by how well this tractor works in the snow-I don't have a plow, blower, or wheel weights yet, but with the chains it went through 8" of heavy wet stuff no problem. Here's some recent pics: (note that the dates are off-it's not May or 1998!)

Putting the chains on

In the last remnants of spring snow

Another shot in the same place. The "z" on the wheel is a bungee cord I use to tighten up the chains.

I like to play around with graphics, and I came up with this one night. I think it came out pretty well, especially since all I used was MS Paint

I wanted to make something to compete with the new John Deere Gator utility carts, so I added an extra set of driven wheels and a dump box to a Cub. If you follow the forum below, Jim C. has a grader setup that is similar to this, but his is twin-engine. I was thinking of hooking up the second set of wheels (complete with Hydro trans) by connecting it to the stub shaft out of the 1st differential. But, then I thought it might be nice to have a choice between conventional 2wd and 4wd. So, I was thinking I would put a gear drive clutch between the 1st differential and the 2nd Hydro, with a clutch lever in the top of one of the fenders. By disengaging the 2nd Hydro, you could have 2wd and drive around without ripping up the lawn when you don't need the 4wd. But, then you'd need a set of auto release check valves on the 2nd Hydro so it wouldn't blow up from the built up pressure. I'd love to try this project, but no extra Cubs or $$ at the moment.

4/3/00-Wondering how to adjust your mechanical PTO clutch? This guide from Cub Cadet Corp. should help. See the link below

4/8/00-I uploaded a shot of the bottom of my 42" Mower Deck-See the link below

1/22/01 The IH Tractors Song is now here! An original advertising jingle from IH, descibing the new Farmall Tractors. Thanks to Kraig M for the song

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