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Corralinn Fly Fishing & Casting Association

Launceston. Tasmania. Australia.

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Casting is conducted at Old Mac's Farm Norwood.... see maps below.


Corralinn Fly Fishing and Casting Association conducts regular casting practice at Old Mac's Farm & Fishery at Norwood on the 2nd Sunday of the month starting at 10.00 am. (see below for 2012 casting dates) As well as being an opportunity for club members to meet socially, a friendly casting competition is held with a trophy presented to the most consistent caster over the year. Corralinn is the current holder of the Tasmanian Fly Casting Champion Club Trophy.

Visitors and prospective new members are always welcome and one of the experienced club casters is available to provide a brief introduction to fly casting for those starting out in the sport. Equipment can be borrowed from the club and there is no charge for an introductory lesson. Should newcomers want more than a brief introductory lesson they are asked to join the Club or make a donation to cover the use of equipment and the time provided for instruction (see Membership page to find details about joining the club). If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to learn to fly fish please contact the Club Secretary (See Contacts) before a casting day so that equipment and an instructor can be ready for you.


Casting at Old Macs

2012 Casting Dates

January 15th, 29th

February 12th, 26th

March 11th, 25th

April 8th, 22nd

May 6th, 20th

June 3rd, 17th





Address: 55 Sandown Road Norwood, Launceston, Tasmania.

2012 Club Casting Competition


The first Casting Sunday of the year (12th February 2012, dry fly) produced the following scores (out of 50) for the top three leaders. Ten members took part.


Garry P  31

Ron W  26

Colin M 24





Launceston, Tasmania.