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Hungry Plants!


Who am I and what is my quest?

My name is VERDYCK Marc and I live in Grobbendonk, a beautiful quiet little village near Antwerp in BELGIUM. It seemed to be a very nice place to stay, even the ancient Romans payed us a visit and they left many traces here.... even in my own garden! My hobbys are soccer, music,horses and of course collecting my carnivorous plants.

Our family.Her name is Force.

I remember very well when I saw a C.P. for the first time. At the age of 9 I walked together with my brother through a swamp somewhere in the Netherlands when I got attracted to a little plant all covered with tiny droplets. I was really fascinated by its appearance and I've always remembered my first impression of that mysterious plant. Several years later when I reached the age of 19 I bought my first Venus fly trap. During my travels I took it with me in the back of my car. My girlfriend at that time said I was crazy and probably she was right! At the age of 25 I met my lovely wife and from that moment on my quest for carnivores really started. At the beginning it was very difficult because in Belgium few people knew of the existence of C.P.'s but after a while I build up good contacts and my collection grew and is still growing untill today. I'm 44 now and my knowledge and experience in growing C.P.'s made good progression and it feels nice I've got the ability to share my knowledge with everyone who is interested in the magnificent world of Carnivorous Plants. In '94 I won a first prize (Heliamphora flowering) at the second International C.P. Exhibition in Belgium (Ghent) and in '97 I won three first prizes (Heliamphora nutans flowering, Pinguicula gypsicola flowering and Sarracenia oreophila flowering.)at the third International exhibition.(Ghent) All the exhibitions were organized by DROSERA, the only Society of plants of prey in Belgium. Are you still searching for species of C.P.'s like I do? Any questions about how to grow them? I also sell SEEDS/PLANTS throughout Europe and only SEEDS all over the world. Plants are send with POSTPAC, a very good service of the Belgian Post-office. People always tell me that my plants arrive in a very good condition and I'm proud of it! Seed/Plant-list available on request. I'm always interested in exchanging some plants. WRITE OR E-MAIL me. Hope to hear from you soon!


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