a timeline, notes & bio on brado creamed corn

February 1995 - On a Friday night show at Niagara Falls' Polish Hall, BRADO - doing performance art while sharing the stage with the band BIZARRE THINKING ACCIDENT, vomits on stage, and rubs it into his face and hair. Audience approvingly cheers when he vomits, but become disgusted when he lathers it on himself.

May 1995 - Niagara Falls Regional Police report filed regarding BRADO. Accused by a Niagara Falls McDonalds Restaurant of causing various disturbances against McDonalds patrons and employees. BRADO was notified that if he misbehaved there again, he would be permanently banned from McDonalds.

Summer 1995 - BRADO and his band perform his controversial song "BERNARDO'S TOWN" at St. Catharines' THE HIDEAWAY. The sound guy at the show wanted to give BRADO a beating. BRADO and the band are banned from performing at the club.

Spring 1996 - BRADO injures himself during a performance at SLOTH RECORDS in Niagara Falls. The injury was caused by some or all of the following: being hit in the extremities during a fight pre-show, accidently hit numerous times while moshing, or when he did a hand stand and lost his balance, on the way down he hit a drum cymbal (in time with the music) and then his nuts met impacting the concrete floor before the rest of his torso. He had suffered trauma to the testes, which caused severe hematoma, which developed some cysts in his lower abdominal area. BRADO had surgery in hospital to remove the cysts shortly thereafter.

Recorded February 1997 * Aired October 1997 - BRADO appears on CBC's show JONOVISION, along with rapper CHOCLAIR for a panel to talk about views on censorship. BRADO was severely censored! One of the clips CBC didn't show was BRADO stating "I'm a n*gger and you're all n*ggers." which was BRADO's way of stating equality to all people.

Sometime in 1997 - BRADO phones in to the LATE LATE SHOW WITH TOM SNYDER, and calls a retired FBI who was Tom's guest, a serial killer.

May 1997 - BRADO CREAMED CORN appears on Niagara Falls' COGECO family-friendly cable 10 show DAYTIME, along with his band MALICKIS HAPPY CORN CLUB. DAYTIME's co-host, MARK MATTHEWS was surprised when BRADO pulled out a fake gun and aimed it at MATTHEWS. MATTHEWS was quoted in an interview later as stating "Whether it's fake or not, you don't point what looks like a weapon on someone, I was ready to unload on the guy." MATTHEWS also said the band scared him.

May 27th, 1997 - This is an excerpt from a hand written letter sent to BRADO from Tim, one of the head guys of SONIC UNYON records "...pretty interesting stuff. Let's face it, you scared me."

May 3rd, 1999 - This is an e mail sent to BRADO from Tim, upon checking out a demo copy of BRADO's THE CRUCIFIXION HIGHWAY release: "Dear Brad, This stuff is still so f*cked up. When are you going mainstream? later tim"

November 6th, 1999 - This is an e mail sent to BRADO from Phil Klygo (co-founder of TEENAGE USA RECORDINGS), upon checking out a demo copy of BRADO's: "got the tape, sounds spooky cool. phil"


BRADO CREAMED CORN, well noted in the Niagara Region's Underground for his front-man days with the now defunct MALICKIS HAPPY CORN CLUB has formed a new noise band VCR, which stands for Verdant/Vague Controller of Resonance. BRADO has also just released his third independently published chapbook CELLULAR SUICIDE, which HAL NEIDZVIECKI of BROKEN PENCIL fame has stated is "Scatological, insane, stupid." and considers BRADO the "pervert scientist of zinedom."

· brado was in a band called THE MEXICAN MUDWRESTLERS, which became PANCHO VILLA – singing about various G.I. Joe characters basically, and eventually after brado’s departure to permanently join MHCC. Pancho Villa eventually became the ska sensations Split Second.

· brado credits the “creamed corn” part of his name in homage to a Butthole Surfers album.

· brado is a multi-instrumentalist, usually playing any instrument incorrectly to get a sound out of it.

· When asked by his grade 7 music teacher how Gordon Lightfoot got his name, brado (always the class clown) claimed Gordon got his name after someone stepped on his heavy foot. brado never got along with his music teacher, and she wasn’t impressed by his idea on the origin of Lightfoot’s name. The same music teacher even one time accused brado in front of his classroom peers of defacing a ukulele which apparently contained scratched into the wood, graffiti that said the teacher was a bitch. brado was totally innocent, and his fellow students stuck up for him and the teacher eventually apologized and said how impressed she was that people felt so supportive that brado was a good person that would never do something like that. brado wished he did do it.

· brado went from hardcore punk to electro-punk after the demise of his band, MALICKIS HAPPY CORN CLUB

· brado is a multi-media artist that has published a few independent books, and several albums.

· brado has written the lyrics to a song for his West Coast connection Nardwuar the Human Serviette. brado hopes Nardwuar will record it one day with his band the Evaporators. brado gave Nardwuar a customized gangsta chain, which Nardwuar has worn for photo ops and in an interview so far with Kool Keith.

· brado is Niagara’s answer to Aphex Twin, Atari Teenage Riot and Kid Koala, to name a few.

· brado has proudly dressed up in full drag for live performances. Like Ed Wood, he loves girls, too.

· brado unfortunately works for an evil corporate company that exploits it’s workers with poor wages and a psychologically stressful workplace environment. brado hopes to make a living off of his homemade music, so if you can, please support him so he can get out of that corporate cruncher and dedicate more time to his whacky musical CORN-coctions!

brado creamed corn : the mini bio

brado creamed corn is an electronic experimental backbeat noise musician/producer with a punk rock do it yourself ethic based in Niagara Falls, Ontario. brado creamed corn is also a multi-media artist attempting to break into a seriously successful career as a musician or something that would help end the nightmare of a regular joe job.

brado creamed corn has recently signed up with Indie Pool Inc. to have his latest electronic experimental backbeat noise release available for download on www.Puretracks.com : In support of this and future releases, brado is keeping busy and sharp by working with musicians and producers as well as performing live.

brado creamed corn has been in a number of bands and music related projects in the past, the most notable being punk shock rock band Malickis Happy Corn Club.

brado creamed corn's powerful personality and presence has been compared to the likes of fellow Canadians Jim Carrey and Tom Green. This is a character not to be missed. brado creamed corn!

Email: bradocreamedcorn@yahoo.com