the smurfs must die!


in the wake of the recent (May 1998) court order throwing out the lawsuit filed by MATTEL against AQUA for their song "BARBIE GIRL", comes a similar but more seriously savage pop cultured twist by a twisted individual, a 'corncoction' by niagara falls, ontario bad boy brado, attacking the late PEYO's pleasure. brado creamed corn, better known for his frontman work with the infamous malickis happy corn club, has created a side project, called the anti-sm*rf band, to conceive the controversial single that will be known as the greatest contribution to the anarchistic anti-smurf campaign to date. The song that will stir this up is: "THE SM*RFS MUST DIE (THE BUTCHER OF SM*RFVILLE)" currently, the lyrics to brado's anti-smurf song are featured on practically all existing Internet anti-smurf websites, unquestionably the most poetic and cleverly written of the anti-smurf propaganda available to humans. however, the chaos doesn't stop there. the NORTH BY NORTHEAST MUSIC CONFERENCE (nxne), held in toronto, ontario this june will be under brado's audio attack, as 2000 nxne lucky (?) delegates will receive a compilation cd entitled "INDIE BUZZ" that will feature the anti-sm*rf band's message of genocide to smurfs everywhere., and 87 canadian campus radio stations will also get the opportunity to air this anti-art stomping smurf mushroom madness. people are invited to visit one of brado's approved internet websites to discover more about this and much more!

THE SM*RFS MUST DIE (c) & (p) 199?/98 BRADO CREAMED CORN All rights reserved SOCAN


Three apples high the smurfs must die Gargamel rules Azrael drools

meanwhile back in smurf village I will attack rape and pillage

I say the smurfs must die they are three apples high

I say the smurfs must die smurf out my big blue smurf peader

gonorreah gonorreah gonorreah smurf out my big blue smurf peader

every smurf wants smurfette's turf pop her cherry the smurfberry

Handy loves cock cause lack of gals Hefty's his jock bed buddy pals

those blue fascists are communists smurfin' true blue they are racists

meet genocide mushrooms can't hide the smurfs must die the smurfs must die

I say the smurfs must die they are three apples high

I say the smurfs must die papa smurf is their cult leader

gonorrhea gonorrhea gonorrhea papa smurf is their cult leader

fly bites tail it can't fail the purple pest destroys the rest

bouncin' around makin' the sound gnat gnat gnat gnat

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