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updated December 5th, 2011 brado creamed corn check out brado creamed corn on myspace

brado creamed corn has recently recorded a new album under the project name FALLEN ROBOTS. The album is called Autonomous Robot Compositions and available as a Worldwide Digital Downloadable Release 2011. brado has recently released two MALICKIS HAPPY CORN CLUB albums, as well as a solo album called MEDIA CRACK. You can buy them all on virtually any of the fine online downloadable sites the internets has to offer, or via AMAZON ON DEMAND if you like CDs. brado creamed corn has a new album to be released as of December 7th, 2011 entitled GAME OVER : VIDEO GAME DEATH. MALICKIS HAPPY CORN CLUB next album is currently in the pre-production phase, with hopes to record and release sometime in 2012.

check out sample brado creamed corn recordings STREAMS here!.

home of brado creamed corn: niagara's electronic music messenger, and brado is embarking on a new musical project entitled Fallen Robots

description: * ambient * beat * digital hardcore * electronic * experimental * industrial * instrumental * noise * ...and more! *

brado creamed corn
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bradocreamedcorn : brado is sorta solo these days - embarking on a new musical project entitled FALLEN ROBOTS

brado creamed corn fronts and produces MALICKIS HAPPY CORN CLUB.

brado experiments & produces his own electronic music these days.
brado creamed corn's responsible for "an evil cartoon machine" of music. Best described as electronic noise music for fans living in the cartoon & video game universe.

the falls' prophet is coming...

...he is the false prophet