NOISE CD comp.

updated May 30th, 2000

The deadline to have material in and the money is probably going to be extended. This CD may take some more time to get together as we need some more bands, etc. The CD will happen, it's just a matter of when. Spread the word to bands you feel may be interested in being involved in this project.

I think all bands submitting should have their tracks either be unreleased or remixes exclusively available only on this album, to help give it a collectible feel and interest from the fans. Some bands involved have suggested or plan to do this, so I figure all bands should follow suit.

Do the bands submitting maintain their copyright/ownership and publishing rights, etc. Absolutely. This comp. CD is a co-op, and the bands that submit own their original music from start to finish

With 12 bands on the comp. does that mean there is potential for each band to submit 2 trax.? Yes and no - lol - we'll come to that as things develop

Will there be a CD fundraiser or release party? Possibly, right now I'm still testing the waters for those submitting - I have plans for a supporting release festival of one or more dates

updated April 22nd, 2000

Keep in mind, it is a first come, first serve basis - we're only doing one CD, when it's filled, it's filled. As far as layout and design, we are planning for a professional design/layout - but I don't think we're going to go too elaborate - I figure it will be a lot better than most comp. CDs (a good detail of contact info. for example), but a big booklet looks doubtful, it all depends on budget anyhow. It will be fairly well planned out, and I have some tricks up my sleeve anyhow to give this an edge over regular comp. CDs. Any left over copies of the CD will be used for maga/zine and radio promotion, we will list on this site where we will send them.

updated April 18th, 2000

* * * * *

First come first serve policy is in full effect. DEADLINE to have your music and money in:

JUNE 30th, 2000 (tentative)

The name of the compilation noise CD has not yet been decided.

If you have arrived at this web page, you are, or are considering to be involved as a participant(s) in a co-op effort CD comp. of say: analog/art-rock/avant-guarde/breakbeat/drone/dub/digital/electronic/experiMENTAL/instruMENTAL/minimalistic/noise/robotic/spoken word/synth band/projects that would be released on my label. I don't have the figures exact yet, but I estimate you would pay $160 and receive 40 copies of the CD when it is done, which will hopefully be around the end of this year.

This web page was created to keep you updated on the progress of this noise cd from now until it is completed, and then some. I advise you BOOKMARK this web page for easy access.

send your submission DAT and CD-R only, please - with your check or money order made payable to BRAD PINE to:

BRAD PINE 2789 St. Paul Ave. Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, L2J 2L3

I'm thinking the CD will be a limited edition of say 500 copies. If we get enough submissions, we could press up to 1000. This compilation CD will be a one time run, to give it a collectible kind of deal. It will be a professionally done CD. EQ mastered, etc., I am trying to figure out what kind of packaging/presentation to go with. We need 12 bands to break even, I believe. This is a non-profit co-operative effort, to be released on my label MEDIA CRACK to give it credible response from the media, etc. Release date: hoping late Fall of 2000. I'm thinking bands like noise, ambient, breakbeat, etc. By all means, spread the word, and any suggestions, please throw them.