brado creamed corn


By SAM BAYLY Staff Writer

Look out, Niagara. Brado Creamed Corn is set to release his newest indie CD. “Man, I’m messed up,” says Brad Pine, aka Brado Creamed Corn, more than once, during his interview in his Niagara Falls home. Pine has been involved in the underground music scene for over eight years and is getting ready to release a new CD. He describes the music as “various instrumental avant-garde noise and beatnik digital hardcore recordings.” The music, produced and recorded by Pine, is being mastered in Toronto and will be ready for release in two to three months. Pine has yet to decide whether to put the CD under his label, Mental, or someone else’s. “No one’s doing this around here,” he says. This music has been around since the ‘50s but what makes his music different is that the samples used on his new CD were created entirely by him. Pine has been involved with electronic music since 1998. He has two solo releases out titled Alien Sound Scapes and Talk to a Dead Psychic & the Crucifixion Highway, which he released under the name Brado Creamed Corn. Pine says he’s been listening to indie groups such as Parts Unknown, The Dinner is Ruined Band, Chrome and Helios Creed (a member of Chrome). Pine’s former band, Malicki’s Happy Corn Club (so named from the Stephen King short story and film Children of the Corn), was part pop, punk, metal and hardcore industrial. They were known for their dark and satanic lyrics. They were even banned from the Hideway in St. Catharines because of their song about Paul Bernardo. The group has since disbanded and Pine says he’s become “bored with punk. You can only go so far. As you grow you want to change.” He adds, “I was thinking instead of trying to fight into a genre (of music). (I’d) make up my own genre and be a pioneer.” It has been three years since Pine has performed with a band and he said he’s looking forward to doing it again but he wants to do something different on stage. “I just imagine all this chaos.” He says he’ll have a backup band because it’s “no fun unless you’ve got some people with you.” He adds St. Catharines is the only place he wants to play in the Niagara region. “The St. Catharines’ art scene is good. (It’s) like a mini Toronto.” During this down time, Pine has been giving speeches and lectures as well as readings of his poetry. He has been an advocate of free speech and appeared on the CBC’s Jonovision, along with Choclair, to discuss the issue. From shock-rock to beatnik digital hardcore, Pine is sure to raise eyebrows when he returns to clubs to promote his new CD.