MEDIA crack


brado believes KARLA is a MEDIA CRACK WHORE.

MEDIA crack is an attitude, a message, a somewhat political and fashion statement, and hopes to be a part of pop culture by being anti-pop. MEDIA crack means a lot of different things. For instance, it represents that media makes media (one form creates another), and if violence is re-instituted because of media, oh well. The media doesn't kill, people do. MEDIA crack supports anti-censorship. MEDIA crack is against media that does not give them press. We are anti-racist. We would be anti-fascist, but that would be hypocritical thereby rhetorical. MEDIA crack is involved with the DIY ethic. WARNING... MEDIA crack may be considered a controlled substance. If you listen to MEDIA crack, you may be considered a user. MEDIA crack the media is on crack the crack is the media the crack is the message media crack attack media crackdown media crack-up media crack - Mc - MC - mc i've been smokin' media crack i'm cracked up on media crack get crackin', have media crack the media will crack

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