"i kill little kids" copyright (c) BRADO 1996/98 All rights reserved

you're not gonna hurt me, are you mister? i just wanna go home to my mommy

i kill little kids i rip off their heads

my name is clifford olsen locate the dead (parts) per million

!@#$ed the feds just like the kids i screwed the r.c.m.p.

where could the dead children be? money makes a family

a donut and some coffee sells just like controversy i promise i won't tell anybody

i kill little kids i rip off their heads i cut off their arms a spoonful of lucky charms

ugh! murdering i can't sing pedophile in denial jesus christ

can't save me satan's sex rape is free ha ha ha bra bra bra

i'm gonna use my (love) gun i'm gonna have some fun

i'm gonna use my knife i'm gonna take your life

serial killer helps the cemetery comin' after kids they are history

i kill little kids i rip off their heads i cut off their arms a spoonful of lucky charms

"cyborg anti-christ" copyright (c) BRADO 1996/98 All rights reserved

separate from civilized life we have entered a germ station

lost communication with god enter with the deviation

a walking time bomb's what we are murderous infatuation

neighbours are fighting in the streets unleash all your aggravation

kill all the mortal enemies let them face retaliation

lose yourself in the thought, and kill for total annihilation

you're all gonna adapt or die feel the discrimination

nothing lives with our solution of burning extermination

born losers are quite dangerous we are one with the retardation

the naked gospel is coming we shall never see salvation

we're mentally overcrowded we can't hold on to sanity

trauma centered inside our mind identify with savagery

prepare yourself for the blood age majorities disintegrate

modus operandi tells all minors to enter the gate

the leftovers speak for themselves can you see all the confusion

you must meet death to be destined brought about by social fusion

electronics steal the soul

delivering us to evil we are the sand that turns to glass

in the afterworld's realm broke by the hand that burns our grass

his majesty, satan, is paged our work with him has been engaged

industrial technology meets computer biology

"mafia" copyright (c) BRADO 1996/98 All rights reserved

we're gonna kill all of you the pigeons are gonna pay

happy valentine's massacre we'll throw your bodies in the bay

we are from the old country we have formed a family

we all come from sicily we love-a the spagetti

we're gonna kill all of you stuff a canary in the rat

wear columbian neckties beat you on the head with a bat

mafia-mafia casino-casino godfather-godfather execute-execute

we listen to sinatra we obey father pa-pa

the smurfs sing tra-la-la-la(-la-la) where the hell's jimmy hoffa?

"satan satan satan" copyright (c) BRADO 1996/98 All rights reserved

satan satan satan he is so fun satan satan satan he's number one

satan satan satan we all love you satan satan

satan satan satan his son wears red the mark of the beast is on my forehead

i can't wait to go to hell when i'm dead satan satan

satan satan satan loves scooby-doo satan satan satan and shaggy too

satan satan satan kill everyone satan satan

i never cared for this life in the least sooner or later i will be deceased

and when the time comes i'll be with the beast satan satan

"the whorror" copyright (c) BRADO 1996/98 All rights reserved

oh oh oh oh oh oh hey the horror

ooh baby uh yeah oh the whore

yeah oh whippity wah do wah day the horror

oh uh oh uh yeah oh the whore

vampires on surfboards in the clouds of satan

everybody's prayin' for a james dean hero

the hospital room's the only world i've known

i wonder why i've died and become a zombie

life doesn't taste so good so whyami still lickin'?

respect me for i am screamin' my epitaph

sexually discharged suck (!@#$) me like your semen/demon

the torture is the flesh the flesh it/is the horror

all lyrics (c) & (p) 199?/98 BRADO CREAMED CORN All rights reserved SOCAN

"the asylum"

rubber room padded cell

i'm insane can't break free

straight jacket locks my limbs

motionless i still see

narcotics influence

persona i'm not me

orderlies violate

injuring this can't be

big fat nurse raping me

sweating lard !@#$ the ham

the mess hall serves dead sh*t

just smile eating spam

bullet holes scarred my brain

thanks a lot son of sam

alien in my head

neurosis - !@#$ing damn!


help me commit suicide (x3) t;p> ah ha ha ha

help me jack kevorkian (x3)

my doctor death

not the same in my flesh

something's changed let me rest

i'm not me and want death

someone else is inside

i'm missing my person

scattered thinking puzzle

i've no survival quest

must make due with a pest

being my own defeat

i hate my inner one

if only i could stop

and trace my own lifeline

based upon the others

that seemed to of lived great

should i finally find

my original case

i'll still be different

to entertain others

i'm so sick and tired of this life

it is so boring and pathetic

(gonna be another) dead rock star

(might as well be a) dead rock star

i'm so sick of throwing up bile

russian roulette johnny ace style

"kill the hippies"

alone on the block i start to stalk

with a bat i am ready to knock

i believe in self-propriety

!@#$ this hippie-shit society

straight-edge is the life i want to lead

a high powered rifle's all i need

people living false realities

shall become sudden fatalities

all narcotics users shall be killed

their lifeless bodies are gunshot filled

survival of the fittest with smarts

look at druggies' scattered body parts

you shall no longer struggle and cope

when i annihilate that damn dope

kill the hippies

kill you hippy

"flushing human brains"

flushing human brains

and clogging up my drains

good riddance to them

i suck bloody phlegm

ice picking you down,

i am licking your crown

my evil has arised,

you've met your demise

remaining to harm the honest,

butchering for entertainment,

my pact with evil

influencing others to die,

enjoying the sights of torture,

we suffer darkness

living for the thrill of a kill,

revenge satisfies the lacking

of protection

slaughtered bodies decomposing,

all the flies seem disorganized,

as they repossess

naked little girl will cry

she begins to hurl and die

the !@#$ing bitch had gotten sick

cause her maxi pad had rotten dick

all i can say is they will die

they begin to hurl and cry

yes, i am really very sick

i have some sort of psycho kick

dead end, let's meet, barrel to head

trigger is pulled, body jerks tight

nowhere is found, i'm on the ground

leave me alone, i've gone back home

my trip finished, flashbacks erase

datelines i lived, written by blood

to scare people, provoke some thought

results arise, remains divide

all of the bodies are misplaced

disfigured by me and disgraced

my murder victims i do hide

there are no laws i shall abide


"bernardo's town"

come back come back come back

to bernardo's town

girls such a long time

since your bodies were found

karla's gonna pay

a flashlight's paul's way

dare her to

come back come back come back

to bernardo's town

serving a little time

then karla's freedom bound

deal with the devil

media helps to kill

we should all

come back come back come back

to bernardo's town

in port dalhousie

"dead tire"

with fully automatic fire

i shot a car and blew a tire

people inside? who gives a (damn) !@#$?

i have just made their life really suck

well, i killed them as a great favour

such mangled mess, for bloody flavor

say, no one is innocent 'round here

the dead dudes in the car can not steer

ha! ha! ha! ha! they are !@#$ing dead!

i hope they like the funeral bed!

target practice was never so fun

and here come the cops, i better run

here comes a dead tire rolling it's

final rotation to nothingness

the commercial's guarantee: fifty

thousand kilometers or it's free

"church murderer"

church murderer (x8)

all the church choir

doused with gasoline

set them on fire

an unholy scene

church murderer (x8)

the congregation

given lsd


drug lord satan's fee

church murderer (x8)

as i masturbate

worshipping satan


grave desecration

church murderer (x8)

!@#$ you! ha! ha!


this is a song about

the rare hermaphrodite

just listen to what i say

and you'll see the light

this song involves sex

with a hermaphrodite

now, if you are prejudice,

please don't start a fight

a bi-sexuals supreme fantasy

- now just what could that be?

now it's not a homosexual man

- then is it a woman?

trust me, this thing is not a lesbian

- then just what could it be?

it has a penis and a vagina

- i believe i'm in love

so you think you're in love

with a hermaphrodite

a person with both sex

organs is such a sight

you know if you have sex

with a hermaphrodite

i personally guarantee

you'll (!@#$) screw all night

a person with balls and vaginal walls

- it sounds too good to be

it has got a pole along with a hole

- is this thing for real?

two sexes in one to double the fun

- hey! i think i now know!

it has gotta be a hermaphrodite

- and if so, i'm in love!

so you think you're in love

with a hermaphrodite

just give yourself a chance

and i think you just might

go for performing sex

with a hermaphrodite

and your reason would be

cause it just feels right!

"iron teeth"

i am iron teeth! you don't know what i want

with your country! who will stop me when i

come to power? where will you take off to

when i conquer? how many sacrificed?

doesn't matter! what fate has hell dealt you

this century? are you ready

to fall into nothing?

in the early 20th century after jesus' death

on russian soil a baby was born

and thus given life's breath

now this young human's life was no

ordinary average soul

a legend states that the baby's birth marks

a significant role

for this little one came equipped with his

own set of iron teeth

a priest christened the child that was

an oracle from beneath

the priest observed that the iron toothed

child was a miracle

"this is no miracle," replied the

baby to the man of god

"the miracle is yet to come!" and

instantly the baby died

the miracle which is coming is

the dawn of the anti-christ

(jesus christ is the) anti-christ!

(jesus christ is the) anti-christ!

may i have a list of the damned?

smelling progress in decay

"demon coming"/"surfer 34"

the trouble is caused by the rapes of a nun

a priest will fail to abort satan's son

satan's tail wagged inside her !@#$ing crack

all of the old evil come comes from his sack

impregnation came with satan's sick semen

now the anti-christ will be born: a demon

satan's erection has spread the infection

a black magic deed makes a mutant seed

just like them pesky fleas,

other's land he'll cease

welcome hell to the earth, the

anti-christ meets birth

realize the coming of

the demon coming(?!!)

i shall say "welcome to hell,

you foolish pawns!"

ugly ducklings, turned into

satanic swans

what have we, but

this hell on earth

forrest gump, :in vietnam:

"charlie don't surf!"

"cyborg anti-christ" continued...

power and knowledge turns tables

welcome the ones who wear sables

they are the unenlightened souls

they came through atmospheric holes

the anti-christ is a cyborg


rasputin was a russian

rasputin -- da comrade

"malicki says..."

oh six-hundred sixty-six! i'm completely isolated non-conformists are my brethren immortalized entertainer i'm following the impulses drinking towards stupidity religion helps my journey home lunatics triumph over me utilize all the elements i sin without hesitation enchanting for animation old believers need tradition the night easily keeps me dark brutality is from the blood factions rule all into fractions paganism independence extreme prejudice is extreme peasants see true reality a holy fool is one who cares communicating's the tool someday i will win without war overthrow the corrupt government anarchy dismantle the pieces one by one destroying pointless cause foolish way nervosa displacement stock yourself up with some weaponry prep for war when we fight a battle hand to hand no man's land maggots will prosper on the fallen human life eat the flesh abandoned from the soul the dead lost flies arise from our graves evolving take control oh six-hundred sixty-six!

"resonating dead frequencies"

time exposure beneficial learn from burden salvationist deliverance from all evil the next world thy kingdom come brain disorder retaliate overflowing with excitement dark emitting final entry screaming echoes lead you astray follow your lead guide followers influencing composition

"some cheese"

we all have someone masking what they see people just frighten broken impressions the bed will collapse when people awake the craftmatic hell no more cheese movies

"...the 13 steps... (a welcomed suicide)

such brilliance - cancelled out all the might - rearranged into art - scattered on the cold walls - and warmth is disengaged - welcome to the cold front - hostess death

"word: satan - number: beast"

the word of satan constantly being spread is constantly the word of satan the beast within makes himself known by the number tattooed to you

"the graveyard's beauty"

a curious shift in architecture nothing's better than the graveyard's beauty the bodies hidden away from the light and underneath life awaiting trial

"satan falls'"

satan is my jesus jesus is my satan the false prophet the falls' prophet

"distorted tombstone"

only one tombstone unexplored feeling do not hesitate greetings to the black symptoms satisfy i have a girl she is my headache keep me slow burning encounter more years distorted coolness

"the fallen empire fig"

from work to power from force to might i ruled the tower i ruled the site greed was gift hate was lust need brought drift fate brought bust a fallen empire is all i own a fallen empire recall my stone

"the rejected"

we are the rejected underground anarchists you put us in the lowest class separated cause we're not in normalities? - we don't impress you won't accept our strange beliefs we are the peoples' underground we will conquer at any time when the time is right, we will strike and you will be consumed by us if you do not join our evil you will become buried alive we are the most savage of beasts ready to rise above your feet we are the rejected underground anarchists we are really original appearance that's interference our perspective involves your death we are the subjects of ridicule total chaos is what we want we will destroy and redesign our behavior will take your lives fuck social ties, they're filled with lies we are self-employed - indie controls the artistic - hate performance nail hammer to a money making dead tree loved by evil we are the rejected underground anarchists you put us in the lowest class we are really original we will make you the rejected


i'm gonna make love to you your vagina's gonna pay happy valentine's massacre don't try to lie and say you're gay your cunt wreaks, it's so stinky yes, i know, i'm too kinky i stick you with my dinky it's better than your pinky i'm gonna make love to you stuff my big hairy in your cat tella buncha dirty lies beat you on the head with a bat labia labia tomato tomato (don't say no don't say no) hamburger hamburger pussy cat pussy cat don't you !@#$in' touch that bra stop screamin' oh ma ma won't you moan ah ah baa baa who made rape against the law?!!

"i am a !@#$ing artist"

i don't need your sympathy sure, sometimes i take strange pills and at time hallucinate but someday you will see me i would love to nail you i live my life as nothing

"dead lost"

lost in a world without normal human perception slowly stalking an unknown humanoid: watching and waiting now the moment to confront the extra-terrestrial life we meet, talk: "any hits?" surely enough the most alien species indulges those perspective altering narcotics being free to a new aura of life, my newly found friend and i consumed drugs - we coasted off to a weird world of great peace and tranquility (brought on by tranquilizers) where all was balanced in a free flowing care environment desired needs: gimmie-a-fixes were totally killed off the alien and i became one with our surroundings all of this one being individual to the same scene a component of a puzzle creating universal harmony through unified culture: an art's masterpiece and as gods of no care critiqued, i had found satisfaction my lifetime achievement through a stranger, for i had touched death.

"untitled/dead lost 2?"

i think i'm dead i don't know though do the dead think? i've never been dead before so am i wasting precious time now? i wonder if i should have some expectations maybe death is something i have been involved with always and so i am my own demise i hope that's what it is but what does that earn at this point? i can't share that thought with other ones because they're either dead like me or alive and out of reach i guess i'll just lie here like a dead-dead object no more worries but what about the others i've left behind? oh well it doesn't matter that much any how for they'll all become hellbound through time i wish i had a cigarette but then again what use would that be without a structure to use to inhale and exhale with let alone enjoy the killer with this dead life sucks i wonder why science gave me nothing to look forward to when it has offered me a before approach of my existence: life and death are like evil siblings related they hate each other.

"one aleister crowley"

now aleister crowley was a spiritual man an artist of the occult repulsed by the christian ways so he followed his own faith a supernatural church his peers disapproved of him a hysterical homo? he, the great beast 666 prophet of a new aeon but banned by mussolini bestial cravings for sex deficiency for drug use (addicted to heroin) obsession for his own strength black magic was his bible

"raccoon paws"

i prowl in the early morning making noises without warning a bandit's what i am please throw out some more jam oh, raccoon paws knockin' over trash cans raccoon paws tearin' at garbage bags raccoon paws pickin' up the food scraps in the early mornin' now i'll tell you the thing i do but don't be mean and throw a shoe oh, please don't laugh or be bitter i eat riff raff, that's your litter i catch my z's sleeping in trees i wear my mask to do my task i take a dash and bash your trash eating the waste mmm tomato paste i am the unwanted outlaw the terror, it comes from my paw yessiree, that's right, it's me oh yes, i confess, it's my mess uhm, my compliments to the chef?!!

--brado creamed corn (c) 1998