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GAME OVER THE FALLS Video Gaming Event


GAME OVER THE FALLS niagara falls video gaming event

Overview Information (TENTATIVE):

GAME OVER THE FALLS is a Classic Video Gaming Event produced by Niagara-based artist/producer Brad Pine. Planning to set a date in October 2005, at a Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada location TBA. Time frame is approx. 12 PM to 6 PM

GAME OVER THE FALLS is a launching pad for brado creamed corn's VIDEO GAME DEATH album available exclusively at all fine downloading sites on the internet. Examples:

Admission: a fair low price per person. Children under 5 are free. We will also be accepting non-perishable food donations for Project Share. This video gaming experience is open to the public and casual game players, hardcore enthusiasts, classic game aficionados of all ages are welcome!

The focus will be an all ages event that will feature old school vintage video game style classics for play and discussion. An event celebrating the old school video games of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s attracting an all-ages family audience that universally share the common bond of the classic video gaming experience. A gathering of video gaming enthusiasts of all ages for a celebration and playing of classic style video games.

Panelist presentations by video gaming icons are being sought.

We are seeking sponsors, etc. for this event. Great exposure for those interested. contact me:

Fans of Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision, Nintendo (NES), Sega, Sony Playstation, etc. will want to be involved!!

For the kids! A Coloring contest – draw your favorite Video games, experiences, etc.

Some live bands and/or a live-to-air radio DJ will also perform.

A Swap Meet – bring your old school games, systems and stuff for fun and trade.

Gamers are encouraged to bring their portable systems (examples: Gameboy and PSP systems, cell phone games)

Audience: Hardcore Video Game fanatics, curious potential future fans. We believe this event will attract families to come out to relate and reflect on the video game culture past, present and future. A venture that will provide the youth and their parents an 8-bit blast from the past. Fun for the whole family.

This event is the first of its kind for the Niagara Area. A first for Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. Help celebrate the pop culture of video gaming.

GAME OVER THE FALLS is a great way to make connections, make friends, and build on your gaming experience.


An opinion and story about video games

“The video games of today seem to rely more on the mind blowing graphics than the game play. In the infancy of video gaming, the player’s imagination always compensated for the limited and pathetic 8-bit graphics of old school video gaming systems. Game developers should keep in mind that our imagination will always be more powerful than technologically advanced video brain candy, and concentrate more on the game play.” brado creamed corn
I have a great video game story to share. When I was a kid, in the early 1980’s, my older brother and I would hang out at a convenience store down the street to play the hot video games of the day that were the cutting edge new arrivals, like: Pac Man and Galaga/Galaxian. Dig Dug had just arrived at the store, and it was a huge craze. Dig Dug is a game where this Handy/Hefty Smurf type character uses an air pump to pump up and explode various beasts he encounters as he digs passages through the dirt. My brother and I were watching in awe huddled with a gang of onlookers as this older teen who had pumped like $10 into the machine, unused credits he could use when he needed to by hitting the start button in the event his gaming character died and he had to continue. All the Dig Dug excitement was a gaming galore, until I suddenly had a crazy case of the hiccups. I decided to retire to the window ledge which made an ideal bench, located at the backside of the arcade machine that was in play. The older teen playing DIG DUG was progressing really well. He had invested a lot of time and money and still had his $10 or so in credits in the machine. The hiccups got the best of me, and they would make my leg jerk up they were so nasty. Little boy, big hiccups: simple physics where each action has a reaction. My leg jerked up, my foot caught the lower bottom on/off switch on the back of the arcade machine. Back in the day all the machines probably had the on/off switch located there. All of the sudden the older teen that was chock full of adrenaline caused by all the DIG DUG pumping excitement went in shock and agitation as I had inadvertently shut down his game play bliss and erased his credit investment. $10 back then was a lot of money for a teen. This dude was definitely angry, and probably prepared to pummel yours truly worse than any of the gaming beasts moments before that he had obliterated onscreen. As he started to curse, the store clerks, older caring granny type women, told him and his posse all to leave, so I was safe though I did feel bad for my hiccups causing such an accidental atrocity, but it is a funny story. brado creamed corn