talk to a dead psychic

& the crucifixion highway

(the sanitarium for psychodramatics schizophrenic voices for the paranoid soul)

the digital hardcore revolution has hit niagara falls...

brado creamed corn:

talk to a dead psychic & the crucifixion highway album release March 1999

"the squirrels work for billy slowing down my communion the priests watch the power lines the crucifixion highway" --the crucifixion highway

"i'm goin' to the vatican i'm gonna kill me the fuckin' pope" --pope

"canadian bacon niagara falls pigsty welcome the casino featurin' a drive-by the casino is in the falls the fall is in the casino niagara falls is a hole under mafioso control well, this city brings me down it's a dirty, filthy town a circus without a clown the godfather holds the crown" --niagara falls

"fashion yourself to death wear a noose like a tie" --fashion yourself

"spirituality is now cable ready please bring me back my soul resubscribe the service" --cable ready

"remember to wash your tool shortly after misusing it" --wash your tool

"suicide's for the sensitive at heart now if you kill yourself, i'm not responsible" --suicide's sense

"bring me your majesty i know he's anti-christ procuring a rifle ready now lock and load assassinate yourself" --assassinate

"i wanna talk to a dead psychic i just think it would mean a lot more" --talk to a dead psychic

"oh six-hundred sixty-six! i'm completely isolated non-conformists are my brethren immortalized entertainer i'm following the impulses drinking towards stupidity religion helps my journey home lunatics triumph over me utilize all the elements i sin without hesitation enchanting for animation old believers need tradition the night easily keeps me dark brutality is from the blood factions rule all into fractions paganism independence extreme prejudice is extreme peasants see true reality a holy fool is one who cares communicating's the tool someday i will win without war" --oh 666!

brado's lyrics for "the sanitarium for psychodramatics schizophrenic voices for the paranoid soul" release/project

"walk through a cemetery look at the tombstones around you will learn a lot from it realize undying love" --walk through a cemetery

"holy jack careohwhack cut me slack butt me crack eh jack you late for school" --ehjackyoulate

"coffee shop gossipping surviving the scandals the seat was the soapbox for lies as they enjoy cancer with coffee and donuts" --coffee shop cancer

"well, when the sex slaying became too boring i turned myself in the mental institution did wonders those damn squirrels are psychotic the sanitarium for psychodramatics" --psychodramatics

"hanging out with the dead and whispering discussing today's quality of rope" --hanging out with the dead

"a voice once said 'the deepest are the dead' maybe that's why everyone here's narrow suicide was the artistic statement the friend i never knew chose to create i learned to respect his place of demise a different landscape perspective" --the deepest are the dead

"check check elvis presley jesus christ gg allin paid the price kill the saints save the sinners" --elvis

"i don't need to do any drugs i'll be quite drugged up in the end my life is very pressurized the problem is not very clear why yes, you are delusional you can customise your monster" --customise your monster

"sometimes when i examine people i imagine that some of their body parts are dismantled and in some cases rearranged to different sections of their torso" --sometimes

they wanna shake your hand they wanna spread their germs adolf hitler's evil moustache seig heil just like a handshake" --they wanna

"the ancient order needed the proper hostages for mastering the evil walls meanwhile i was mentally ajar" --ancient order

brado creamed corn

brado's "talk to a dead psychic & the crucifixion highway" release/project

disposable sounds for a polluted earth or broken music for broken heads. the future of digital trash is here (was there a past? I wasn't paying attention) a Canadian noise recording artist/terrorist comin'atcha from Niagara Falls, Ontario. From the world of experimental minimalism, leading an amateur audio assault of anarchy. Bratty disturbing sounds by an electro-convulsive compulsive. You could best call "the crucifixion highway" a meeting of genres: beatnik hitting digital hardcore. Featuring an organic interference, this is a macabre "musick" machine with loops whore galore. Recorded improv., with a focus of no focus, and an open mind to discombobulation. Assault and battery for your ears. Music practically written while being recorded. A home basement recording. This cat is cooked! One of the most influencial personalities in Niagara's indie scene has set a new strange standard in music.

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