brado creamed corn

Think BLOODHOUND GANG, BUCK 65, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, CAKE, KING MISSILE, PEACHES, THE STREETS, TOM WAITS, WEEN, WESLEY WILLIS and you get an idea of what brado creamed corn's sounds all about.

Tentative title for brado creamed corn's EP "the Vagina EP"

This album will feature songs about Vaginas and lyrical deliverys of sexual perspectives, Hilary Duff obsessions, the Smurfs and various pop culture references.

Brado Poem/Rant June 26th, 2004 Lyrics Copyright and property Brado Creamed Corn written June 26th, 2004

I love Hilary Duff in every way I don’t care what the police have to say

I conduct an exploratory survey Exploring your ass in a well mannered way

If I was homosexual I’d be gay Go ahead punk mother!@#$%^ make my day

Sometimes I think about suicide squeeze play And Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet

When things are not in black and white they’re in grey Star Wars was in a galaxy far away

What of the captives in Guantomino Bay? This song is not well liked by the CIA

If I was racist I’d join the KKK If you defy government you’ll have to pay

The tranquilizer is called Vitamin K Makes me feel alive flying far away

Invest in fluoride to prevent tooth decay Do the Terminators survive Judgement Day?

I bet Jimmy Baker misses Tammy Faye I think about those suckers every day

If I were a pray mantis I’d start to pray If I were a murderer I’d start to slay

If I was a pothead I’d smoke a jay If I was Fat Albert I’d say hey hey hey

If your plane’s gonna crash scream out May Day! And make sure you hold on tight to your toupee

Always remember Jesus Christ’s the way Satan also has a place you can stay

I am the Rhino – Spidey I must slay Peter Parker watches out for his Aunt May

I learn by reading the computer display While feeling the radioactive decay

Can I become the Hulk with a gamma ray? I loved Bill Murray’s acting in Groundhog Day

Being a musician is such a cliché It’s almost as if I’m wasting away

I love Hilary Duff in every way I really don't care what the people have to say