spank! #7 interview written March 31st, 2001

spank! #7 interview written March 31st, 2001

Brado, you've been involved with several bands and musickal groups, give me a basic history of your involvement, Who is brado creamed corn?

A basic history, er, maybe not. Here's what you get: I had done a zine called PARENTAL LOBOTOMY for a few years, and gotten some great attention from it. From that, I began doing graphic art/designs and printing flyers/posters, etc. for some small clothing and record shops and the music scene, even raves. I was also promoting and putting on gigs/festivals for bands in the Niagara Region, and writing for some local music publications. An interest in the music scene inspired me to take a go at it myself. I had done some time in some bands that aren't even worth mentioning because they sucked. As far as any bands I've been involved with that I feel notable: I did a short stint as a performance artist with a really cool independent electronic industrial band from the Niagara Region called BIZARRE THINKING ACCIDENT (BTA) - at one particular gig, while on front centre stage, I vomitted* onto the dance floor to the approving applause of the audience. To mess with the audience and for the hell of it, I scooped up the puke in my hands, and lathered it into my hands, face, and hair along with some cigarette ashes. The crowd was mostly disgusted, except the hardcore GG ALLIN types, who adored it. Some people puked because of my action. This gig most likely confirmed and ignited my local fame.

* the puking was quickly pre-meditated. All I had in me for preparation was a little pizza and a Diet Coke I had gulped down - the Diet Coke settled my stomach so it wasn't helping me with my act - I had to gag myself with my fingers a lot to get results. The puke looked like blood.

MALICKIS HAPPY CORN CLUB was my hardcore pop/punk/metal band that I fronted for several years. I wasn't technically an original member when I joined, but most recognize my name from that band, and I gave the band the angle/direction and insanity that drove it. After MHCC, there were some offshoot projects, and I eventually started working solo. Doing the solo thing is a lot less stressful, definitely convenient, and fun in a different way. I've tried to develop some new bands, but nothing has worked out. brado creamed corn is me. I am brado creamed corn.

What are some of your favorite albums or bands?

I'll just name a couple bands I feel kick ass: BUTTHOLE SURFERS and CHROME. I am currently listening to THE BLOODHOUND GANG and FRED PENNER.

What musick do you hate? Any other bones to pick with the world in general?

I dislike ska music. Although there are some good ska tunes I appreciate, I feel there's too much ska. It would be wrong to hate, but humorous - I do not appreciate phony bands and stuff. Die Dolly Parton, die! Society as a whole needs to improve the way we treat our environment. Let's come out with better types of transportation with less pollution, etc. President Bush makes me sick how he wants to drill oil in Alaska, jeopardizing delicate and unique ecosystems for the dirty dollars. Mad cow disease may be a harsh reality. The world is seemingly only going to become a more dangerous place for all. Why are we unnecessarily adding fuel to the fire?

What are your interests besides musick?

Listening to ART BELL on COAST TO COAST rocks (check your AM radio dial)! Exercising : walking, biking. Internet. Looking at various natural and man-made industrial landscapes/scenery. Sex with females. Watching television. Playing classic Nintendo video games.

What's your most memorable live performance?

That's a difficult question to answer, because there are several. At most MHCC gigs I'd throw or break stuff: examples: ashtrays, chairs, half a watermelon, an industrial sized roll of toilet paper, plastic dolls of various types. Sometimes the band would dress up and we had various other props, like a mannequin and have special guests on stage with us (a strangely masked accordion player). I like manipulating stools and tables while singing too - arranging them all weird, and without warning dancing with people in the audience, usually a guy I see with a girl, because it's hilarious.

Is there a good musick scene in niagara falls to support underground musick?

No. Just new school punk bands at the moment. To maybe survive as a musician in Niagara Falls, you'd have to be a cover band.

What sets you apart from any of the local bands in your area.

I'm original. I'm not a phony. My genre is different. I'm solo.

Which of your songs or albums are you most pleased with?

Albums: Malickis Happy Corn Club's: WARNING!..., URBAN HARVEST, & w/o Warning. Most songs I've done have been recorded on 4-tracks and/or lo-fi equipment, so I'm not pleased with the quality of the recordings.

You appeared on the TV show JONOVISION where you were censored, tell us about that experience.

There was an audience consisting of a fair number of blacks, and CHOCLAIR and his producer were sitting near me, too. When asked how I felt about the "N" word, I stated "I'm a n*gger, and you're all n*ggers!" which to me means equality of all people - I am not a racist, although I am at times politically incorrect to shock and humour mostly myself. The audience laughed and booed. Along with some other comments I made, it was editted from television (I was told before shooting that the CBC head honchos didn't even want to allow a show on censorship to be taped/aired, fearing it was an excuse for slang use, etc.)

What are your plans for the future, what kinda stuff are you working on now?

I've been working on electronic music. Noise-beat kinda stuff. I've thought about putting together another traditional band, but I don't see that happening in the near future. I may also be releasing a children's album.