Mattdellmusic asks listeners to put aside any preconceived notions about acoustic music and replace those ideas with a new recipe for song-writing that features heart-felt lyrics accompanied by a mix of bold and soft guitar riffs with piano melodies that will really amp things up. The addition of some punk rock antics results in the creation of MATTDELLMUSIC, an artist that aims to make a personal connection with fans through his music. Dell has established a connection with people by playing events, venues, concert halls, and even backyards, taking advantage of any opportunity to share his music with the world.

Mattdellmusic is a solo project by singer-songwriter Matt Dell, 25 (vocals/guitar), formed in early 2008. During his high school career, Dell participated in numerous musical projects throughout the Niagara area, but none of the bands experienced longevity. After graduation Dell enrolled at Niagara College where he received a General Arts diploma and spent two years in the Broadcasting: Radio, Television, and Film program before realizing his undeniable passion for music and deciding to pursue his music career as a fulltime venture. Dell’s musical aspirations became tangible when he joined a six piece pop/punk/alternative band called This Time Goodbye in late 2006. After almost two years of touring and performing at sold-out shows the band members dispersed to pursue other opportunities. It didn’t take long for Dell to begin missing the feeling that he got from performing on stage, which led him to establish a solo acoustic project called Secrets Between Us. Over the next few months Dell began writing and recording, incorporating a blend of styles from bands like All Time Low, Something Corporate, and Taking Back Sunday. In the summer of 2008 Dell hit the scene hard, touring across Ontario and taking every opportunity he could to expose audiences to his music. Over the course of the next year Dell performed at S.C.E.N.E Music Festival in St. Catharines, Ontario and opened up for acclaimed bands like The Ataris, Econoline Crush, and Mariana’s Trench. On June 1st, 2010 Mattdellmusic released the debut single “Secrets and Lullabies,” which has received acclaim from fans far and wide. The single has received airplay on internet radio station idobi radio (, a station reaching 5.1 million plays in April 2011). Fans say the music of Mattdellmusic “just reaches out and grabs my soul” and that Dell is “very talented with a fresh sound.” With his latest album set for release in 2011 it appears that Dell’s determination is paying off. One thing is for certain, Mattdellmusic’s catchy melodies and powerful vocals are sure to hook listeners in and have them singing along.

In early September, 2011 Mattdellmusic signed on to indie upstart label BRADO CREAMED CORN RECORDINGS to assist him on his musical path to success.