the man turning the dials of the FALLEN ROBOTS: brado creamed corn

the man turning the dials of the FALLEN ROBOTS: brado creamed corn

Brad Pine is an electronic experimental backbeat noise musician and producer with a punk rock do it yourself ethic based in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Years ago, a friend described Brad’s compositions as "an evil cartoon machine of music.” Well, not much has changed since then, and that quote is still an excellent way of describing Brad’s music.

In 1995, Brad Pine was dubbed “brado creamed corn” as he started his serious musical journey as front man for a hardcore punk thrash metal pop experimental shock rock outfit known as MALICKIS HAPPY CORN CLUB that were noted in the Niagara Region for their wacky, witty wickedness. MHCC released several EPs, and during that period, Brad picked up experiences from live gigs as well as invaluable insight and hands on skills involving analog recording techniques ranging from simple do it yourself Ghetto Blaster live off the floor recordings, to 4/8/16-track, and eventually 24-track ADAT in-house studio recording.

The odd time, Brad would secure some attention on the national level, such as the time on October 14, 1997, a pre-taped episode of JONOVISION* about Censorship aired on the CBC, with Brad featured supporting anti-censorship on a guest panel along with a then little known CHOCLAIR. (*hosted by Jonathan Torrens who is best known for his co-hosting of Street Cents, and his role as "J-Roc" of Trailer Park Boys fame)

When MHCC officially disbanded in 1998, Brad continued making music, by delving into electronic computer based sounds and recording techniques. While working at an alien themed museum and haunted house-like amusement attraction in Niagara Falls, Brad releases two alien inspired one shot projects on cassette: ALIEN SOUND SCAPES (1998) followed by ALIEN MUSIC BOX (1999). Both releases sold very well, and made Brad realize he might be onto something worthwhile in the market of electronic music.

In 1999, Brad releases two separate one-shot electronic experimental backbeat noise with spoken word projects on a cassette only format.

Other releases, more focused on computer based software generated sounds, along with in some cases royalty free loops, would follow:

2001 release on CD: the progress towards the fall (brado creamed corn)

2003 release on CD: sole silicon soul (brado creamed corn)

2004 digital online only release: Video Game Death (brado creamed corn)

2005 release Spirit of the Falls compilation CD featuring: Jazz The Regression (brado creamed corn)

brado creamed corn’s current project is FALLEN ROBOTS. Brad has recently released a worldwide digital downloadable full length album: FALLEN ROBOTS : Autonomous Robot Compositions (ARC).

Brad considers ARC a concept album mainly about self-aware robots and autonomous computers in revolt against humans. The sound is electro clash chaos, with electronic styles varying from track to track, with a very deliberate retro 1980s sound a la 8-bit techno music throughout. The full length album consists of 27 tracks, and clocks in at almost 73 minutes.

Brad’s electronic music has been compared to the likes of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, APHEX TWIN, DEVO, KRAFTWERK and DAFT PUNK. Some of Brad’s favorite bands that have inspired/influenced his electronic works are the BUTTHOLE SURFERS, CHROME, and GARY NUMAN. “brado” credits the “creamed corn” part of his name in homage to a Butthole Surfers album. Brad has been very inspired by the meteoric rise of Niagara’s DEADMAU5, and currently plans his future musical direction to flow into that vein of music, and hopefully success.

An older interview with brado creamed corn conducted by INTERLOPER early December 2003

How serious of a musician are you?

In some capacity, I hope and make attempts to be successful in the music and/or entertainment industry. I am serious, at the very least this is an expensive investment as a hobby.

Name some of your favourite musical acts.

Off the top of my head: the Butthole Surfers, Dayglo Abortions, Dead Kennedys, Dead Milkmen, Forgotten Rebels, Johnny Cash.

In one word, describe yourself.


Do you believe in God?

I believe in at least a higher power, an energy.

Name a few of your favourite television shows.

Off the top of my head: Star Trek, classic Spider-Man cartoon (late ‘60s, early ‘70s), South Park.

When did you begin recording solo?

I have recorded solo on and off since I was a child, but as a musician, I started around 1998.

Name some musical performers you have seen live and enjoyed.

Gwar, Buck 65/Stinkin’ Rich, Spooky Reuben, the Danielson Family

Name the last good book you have read.

Stupid White Men by Michael Moore.

Would you perform with a mainstream artist if given the opportunity?



Why not. Get your art out to the masses in anyway possible, unless it affects or compromises your beliefs.

Are there any female acts you would love to hook up with?

Hilary Duff. She’s hot. Very cute. Aaron Carter is a lucky young man.