Bradleyforrest's Page of NESticle Stuff
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This page is under DRASTIC construction
I just started it, so give me a little while, KO?

Sorry, but I only have space for one ROM at the moment, so here it is...

Salamander (japanese Life Force)
One of my favorite NES games of all time. This version
of the game is slightly better than the American version.


Anyone who likes RPGs go here

International House of ROMs
A great place to get NES and other ROMs
The Dump TG16 ROMs
A good site to get TG16 ROMs
Zophar's Domain
A good place to get emulators for almost any system.
Paladin's Amy Jo Johnson Page
This one is my friend's page...It's a Power Rangers Etc. page,
but I told him I'd put it up, so I did.

people have been here.

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