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A Drinking Club with a Running Problem

The Boston Hash House Harriers are a loosly organized gang of crazy runners of all genders (male/female/both/none) and backgrounds, that have one thing in common: they like to run to where ever beer can be found. We are one of about 1200 loosely affiliated chapters worldwide. While the drinking part of our hobby is competitive, the running part is definitely not!

Called a hash run, the weekly sessions consist of travelling by foot and following a trail of flour which can lead you anywhere from public buildings to along crowded sidewalks to river valley paths. After a run, usually lasting between 36 to 69 minutes, the hash pack members gather for a ritual fun ceremony and then go somewhere for food, refreshments, and socializing.

The Boston Hash runs on Wednesdays at 6:30/7:00 PM from May through September and at 2.30 PM Sundays during the winter months. The most recent information about the hash can usually be obtained from the Hotline at (617) 499-4835. Click on one of the buttons on the left side to get more info! (no buttons? click here to see them) or click here if you just want to find out when our next run is.

For more information on the Boston Hash House Harriers, please leave you phone number on the Hotline. We will call you back as soon as possible. You can send comments on the pages to the Herr und Frau WebMeister (Friar F* & JustMySize).

Please see Hash Songs on the left for some Hash Songs, which is compulsory reading for all aspiring hashers.
New! Please see Stuff for Sale to read about left-over T-shirts, and other Hash collectables for sale.

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