Boston Hash House Harriers

Hash Merchandise

Welcome to the Web Site of the Boston Hash House Harriers.

Hash Merchandize

Hash Merchandize is purely meant as a service to our members. We do not gain money on it, and gone = gone. We are not keeping inventory or back-orders...

Hash T-Shirts

Price is around $10 per shirt, please get more information of the person selling it.
  • Boston H3 T-shirts, "road to Barbados" (or whatever it was): orange with pot smoking rasta-hasher on front. Rectal has only a few of these left. Contact him for more information.
  • Boston H3 1998 Marath*n shirts, "Head? Who said head?": red with Monica Lewinski with viking hat on the back. There are several of these left. More information: see also Rectal
  • New England H3 (BH3, RIH3, NH3) Tibet Occupation Birthday shirts. It seems Basket Boom Boom of RI has still a few left. Contact him for more info.

    Licence Plate Frames

  • We had a batch of 10 BH3 license plate frames, but they are all gone. If we can get at least 10 frames together, I can order new ones. Exact text can be discussed. I think that last time the price was also $10, but it could have been a couple of bucks more. Contact Two Lips (your faithfull webmaster) for more info.

    Song Books

  • I printed a couple of copies of Flying Booger's Hash Song Book, enhanced to contain the Boston Hash Song and with Table of Contents. Price of these is $10 (ring-bound, 219 pages), contact Two Lips again. If you want, you can print it yourself. Follow the Hash Songs link on the left or click here to download the Word 97 version (or here zipped with WinZip).