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Alchemy Dojang

Newsletter October 2005


Master Gregory Hart and his Alchemy students were given a unique opportunity be amoung the first students to train and grade (test) under Legendary Sword Grandmaster Kim Jeong-Seong, in South Africa. Supreme Grandmaster Kim, Jeong Seong from the United World Haedong Kumdo Federation jetted into South Africa from his home base in Busan Korea and spent the weekend training with South African students and exhibiting his unique form of "Ancient land of the East Sea (Korea) sword art" - Haedong Kumdo.

Grandmaster Kim is a legend in his home province of Busan, Korea where he is acknowledged as the leading authority in this exciting sword art. He is particularly famous for pioneering the use of two swords in forms and demonstrations and is in great demand having exhibited his talents all over the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea. Grandmaster Kim is a 9th Dan in Haedong Kumdo and the President and founder of the United World Haedong Kumdo Federation. Grandmaster Kim was in the country at the invitation of Grandmaster Eddie Jacobsen who spent time in Korea in 2003 and joined Grandmaster Kim on his travels to Scotland and Holland in 2004, and has been graded to the rank of 7th Dan in Haedong Kumdo. He is Grandmaster Kim's technical advisor in Africa and Europe - a rare honour.

Students at Alchemy have been preparing for Grandmaster Kim's visit for the past year, training weekends and public holidays with Grandmaster Jacobsen. The black belt syllabus is extremely demanding with 12 basic forms(patterns), 12 sword draws and 8 two person drills as well as the final form for black belt. Three of the students including Master Hart were attempting to learn the entire black belt syllabus in only one year!

After spending the weekend training with Grandmaster After spending the weekend training with Grandmaster Kim putting the finishing touches to their sword skills the students were ready for grading by Monday morning. The Alchemy members were amoung seventy students, from around the country, lined up to be graded from the first belt (9 gup - white belt) all the way up to the coveted black belt. Starting with the beginners and working their way up to the more advanced students Grandmasters Kim and Jacobsen awarded each student his grade and belt according to his/her ability. From Alchemy the following coloured belts were earned - 8 gup (White belt with black stripe) Armand Coetzer, Laurent Malan, Matthew Crankshaw; 7 gup (yellow) Clement Benny; 6 gup (green) Keanu Green; 2gup (red) Katrijn Thys, Rob Du Toit, Ryan Du Toit, Andrew Pienaar, Michael Pienaar, Tyrone McMullen and Micaela McMullen. The highlight of the early afternoon were the students going for Black belt, some of whom were hoping to achieve the coveted title of instructor as well! The thirteen students who lined up, already all black belts in the Korean Art of Tang Soo Do, were visibly nervous to finally be under the eye of Grandmaster Kim. All thirteen passed their Dan testing and six were awarded second Dan black belts and issued with their instructor's certification. These included, from Northcliff, Master Gregory Hart (2nd Dan HK & Instructor Certification) James Bibddlecomb (1st Dan black belt) and Alida Smith (1st Dan Black belt).

Grandmaster Kim stressed the uniqueness of the event as being the first of its kind in South Africa and his hope that the instructors and students would continue the spread of this Korean Sword Art throughout the country.



Surname, First name, New Gup Reyneke, Stephan, 9 Gup | Peer, Faheema, 9 Gup | Daniel, Terrence, 9 Gup | Squires, Julian, 9 Gup | Squires, Angelique, 9 Gup | Bellingan, Sam, 9 Gup | Hancock, Ross, 9 Gup | Foonk, Carol, 8 Gup | Hancock, Sue, 8 Gup | Bellingan, Christelle, 8 Gup | Davidson, Colin, 8 Gup | Fusciardi, Elaine, 8 Gup | Kona, Velani, 8 Gup | Van Der Spuy, Ash, 8 Gup | Hancock, Brandon, 8 Gup | Davidson, Scott, 8 Gup | Harvey, Tyron, 8 Gup | Ochse-Heine, Charlone, 8 Gup | Muzariri, Monique, 8 Gup | Hewson, Aiden, 8 Gup | Courtnage, Christie, 8 Gup | Benny, Clement, 7 Gup | Ochse-Heine, Carl-Heinrich, 7 Gup | Singh, Avatar, 7 Gup | Sadie, Jared, 7 Gup | Foonk, Bevan, 7 Gup | Foonk, Keagan, 7 Gup | Crankshaw, Mathew, 6 Gup | Du Toit, Lara, 5 Gup | Green, Keanu, 5 Gup | McMullen, Micaela, 4 Gup | Nemaname, Fhatuwani, 4 Gup | Coetzer, Armand, 4 Gup | Mans, Gertruida, 4 Gup | Malan, Laurent, 4.1 Gup | Gregory, Brett, 2 Gup | Senatore, Franco, 2 Gup | McMullen, Tyrone, 1 Gup | Knight, Connor, White stripe | Hermanus, Jordan, yellow stripe | Muzariri, Raquel, yellow stripe | Wittman, Gemma, blue stripe | Miller, Mikaela, blue stripe | Mohammedy, Uwaiz, blue stripe | Singh, Tahir, blue stripe |


Congratulations to the new Demo Team: Master Hart, BKSN James, BKSN Aldi, BKSN Andrew P, CDB Rob, CDB Katrijn, CDB Michael, CDB Ryan, Tyrone, Brett, Laurent, Armand, Micaela, Keanu, Lara, Avatar, Scott & Tahir.

Our first demonstration at the Rooftop Market at Rosebank Mall was a huge success with everyone performing brilliantly and wowing the crowd! We showed the crowd TSD power kicks, forms, fighting and breaking as well as Bong. We also performed some of the new Haedong Kumdo draws, drills and forms - 2 demo's in one! We have another Demo on 25th November in Braamfontein at 2pm so lets get training - Fridays 4:30pm! Pretty soon we'll be in demand for performances all the time!


29th October 2005

We are having weapons training seminars on Saturday 29th Oct there will be Bong, the first weapon for all beginners, from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm we will do knife. These seminars are open to all. The seminars will be at Alchemy and will be R 200 for Bong and R 250 for Knife, R 50 for repeats. BB Club and Master Club get a 10% discount. Please RSVP to Master Hart!


There will be a revision session for all gup belts from 10am to 1pm on Saturday the 19th as final preparation for the gradings on 30th & 1st. All syllabus work will be revised in detail, as well as weapons work for the seniors. R 50 for the training.

GRADING 30th Nov & 1st Dec 2005

Grading will take place on Wednesday the 30th for all White and Purple belts and on Thursday 1st for green and red belts. Gradings will start at 6pm on both nights; the grading fee is R 135 and includes your wood. Parents and family / friends are most welcome. Please pay your December and, if possible, January fees at the grading.

DOJANG CLOSING 15th December 2005 - 4th Jan 2006

We will be closing for our usual end of year break for 3 weeks. Students are reminded that fees are calculated over the entire year and December fees must be paid in full. January fees paid in 2005 will not be subject to the annual fee increase.

ALCHEMY AGM 19TH November 2005

All students and parents are invited to attend a bring and braai as well as our AGM at Alchemy at 2pm on Saturday 19th.

AGENDA: 1. The years Highlights - Master Hart 2. Alchemy Centre - Marsha Forbes 3. Haedong Kum Do - Alida Smith 4. World Champs Report back, plans for 2007 5. 2006 Year plan 6. Fundraising Committee elections- 2007 WC 7. New Fee Structure & Contracts 8. 2005 Awards 9. Matters Arising 10. Party


Compulsory - Dan Check, training & Grading 26th & 27th November 2005 Alchemy - Johannesburg

Attention all Dan Members. The cost for the Accommodation, and meals is R80 and the training and Dan check is R200, thus the total cost per person excluding any grading costs is R280 - for the weekend. Please note all Dan affiliations are now payable - R150 /year


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