To Love You...

Author Note: There is some content in this that I have to warn you about. Not too bad, but the language isnt for a younger audience. I apologize, its not like I normally talk like this, but in the situation, I would expect it. And though some of the stuff in here isnt "nice," it happens. Just a warning...

This is the first story in my own little archive. Tell me what you think...

"After all that happened, would he still believe me? Would he know it wasnt my fault? How could I face him, and let him know I was ok? How could I drag him along in my misery?"

"That Night..." (1st Installment)

"Face the music..." (2nd Installment)

"Holding in, Giving out..." (3rd Installment)

"What he doesn't know..." (4th Installment)

"Will hurt him..." (5th Installment)

"Just the Beginning" (6th Installment)

"Knowing what's wrong, realizing what's right..." (7th Installment)

"Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever." (8th Installment)

"At the end of the night..." (9th Installment)

"Who feels what..." (10th Installment)

"And then again..." (11th Installment)

"It's time..." (12 Installment)
*final installment*

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