Laws of the Tuchuk

Laws of the Tuchuk

~_-_~ Index of the Laws ~_-_~

1) Laws for Free Members of the Tuchuks
2) Laws for Free Men of the Tuchuks
3) Laws for Free Women of the Tuchuks
4) Laws for Slaves of the Tuchuks
5) Laws on Strangers
6) Miscellaneous

~_-_~ Laws on Free Tribe ~_-_~

1) The Word of the Ubar is Law.
2) Tuchuks are of the Wagon People. Wagons people do not eat anything that has touched the dirt.
3) There shall be no petty quarrels or fighting between members of the Tribe. If there is a problem speech with a Man of the Tribe council.
4) Once a Scar has been awarded to a Warrior there should be no questions of his right to wear it.
5) When a City Dweller has shared grass and earth with a Tuchuk it is almost as good as being Tuchuk. No harm will come to him from entering our camp. The same goes for things such as the Isbu art of sharing blood and the like.
6) Upon the Stranger entering the plains they have giving consent to any thing.
7) Any Tribe or non-Tribe who is caught in the killing of a bosk foolishly is strangled in thongs or suffocated in the hide of the animal that they slew.
8) If for any reason the person kills a bosk that is with calf once more Tribe or not they shall be staked out alive in the path of the herd right before the march of the Tuchuks take place.
9) The Tuchuks reverence Priest-Kings but do not worship them as city dwellers do. The only things that are almost holy to the Tuchuks is skill at arms and Courage. And the top most above all that a Tuchuk will remove his hat for is the Sky.
10) Only Men are aloud to pray and so only upon the backs of their kaiilas mounted and armed.
11) Free Men and Women do not need dice to do anything to a slave. Tribe Freemen also do not need dice with a Free Woman.
12) A Tribe member does not enter another Members wagon without very important need or permission.

~_-_~ Laws on Free Men ~_-_~

1) All Men of the Tuchuk Tribe are Warriors.
2) The Black Masks are still Warriors of the Tuchuk Tribe. Their Laws are there own and different from those of just the normal Warriors. If you need to see those Laws the leader of the Black Masks has them. And if you need them anyway you'll already have them for you will be a Black Mask.
3) Tribe Freemen are to act with honor and respect at all times. Courage goes without saying for we are Tuchuk.
4) There should be no fighting or petty quarrels between Brothers. No matches past a friendly spar are to be fought between Tuchuks unless the match was giving approval by the Ubar.
5) A man who has not earned the courage scar is considered an object of ridicule and derision amongst the Tuchuks. He cannot, in fact, be considered a member of the warrior brotherhood of the tribe.
6) A man who has not yet won the Courage Scar cannot compete in the contests of Love War.
7) One who does not wear the Courage scar cannot pay court to a free woman, own a wagon, or own more than three bosk and five kaiila.
8) The Collaring of the Free Woman or their punishments should only be with reason not because he feels at the moment like spanking a Free Woman of the Tribe. The reason as well as a log should be sent to the Ubar in case of a dispute over the punishment…If a Woman disputes the punishment and then was found to have deserved it, it will become worse.
9) After you have earned a scar make no action that one bearing the Scar would not make. And hold your head proud for you are Tuchuk.

~_-_~ Laws on Free Women ~_-_~

1) Gor is not fair to Women remember that it is your neck on the line in more ways then one if you have a problem with a Warrior you should take it to the Ubar as your neck is on the line in more ways then one.
2) At all Times Free Woman of the Tuchuk Tribe should act as Free Woman.
3) Free Woman should always show respect to the Warriors which amongst the Tuchuks is all Males. There should be at no time nor event that a Free Woman does not show respect towards a Male of the Tuchuk Tribe.
4) A Free Woman of the Tuchuks should not attempt to bring any dishonor to any Warriors who might take it personal as it is your neck after all.
5) Free Women wear their hair in braids unlike the slave girls who wear their hair loose. If you wear you hair loose you might never braid it as the free do again. For the best chance is you wont be free again.
6) Tuchuk Free Women are aloud to train with the lance but only use it in the defense of the Camp. Not For spars or for death matches just the defense of the camp.
7) At times of War a Warrior who wears the courage scar is above any woman in the camp.
8) At matters of War Women who are on the council of the Tuchuks do not get to vote.
9) At times of War or any conflict. A Senior Warrior ~ commander ~ even over rules the Ubara except if she getting the women and slaves from camp.
10) There shall be no petty bickering or fighting between Tribe Members. If you have a problem with a Free Man or Woman bring it to the Ubar if you cant settle it yourself but there shall be no fighting between tribe members past a simple friendly spar. Without the direct approval of the Ubar.
11) When a Stranger approaches the camp of the Tuchuks it is not a Woman's place to ride out to talk to him or even to question him. ~Only exemption is if the Free Woman is alone in the Camp~
12) When a Stranger is killed/aloud into Camp if you have a complaint whisper it to the Warrior who aloud either. During the conversation you should still speak with respect even if you do not agree with his decision.
13) Scars are for the Warriors of the Tribe not the women.
14) The Warriors of the Tribe have the right to punish a Free Woman if necessary. If you are punished and do not believe it was deserved or necessary then send scroll to the Tribe council. A warning if the punishment is shown that it was deserved then it shall be done over three fold for taking up unneeded time of the Council or of the Ubar.
15) Women are Women not Warriors and only for very special occasions shall they be aloud to even test to be Black Masks...this shall be decided by the Leader of the Black Masks.
16) Women do not Raid other tribes Nor do they Bosk raid or any other type of raiding.

~_-_~ Laws on Slaves ~_-_~

1) Slaves are not required to ask permission to enter camps, but must request permission from a Free Person to leave. If the request is not granted in a reasonable amount of time, then repeat the request, as it might have been missed. If a second request is not answered, then politely take your leave.
2) All Free Persons and Tribe Friendly are to be greeted upon entering, except when a slave is serving, then they are to be greeted once their serve is complete. The Free are to be addressed simply as Master or Mistress, the only time a slave may use a Masters name is when the Masters have given them permission to do so or in action or thought to specify one from the other.
3) Speaking to the Free in camp is not forbidden, and many fun things can be shared, as is appropriate. Free floating thoughts will be considered as speech...if they are rude or insolent expect to be corrected quickly with a hand across your face. If you have something that is not nice to say.....whisper to the person...and choose your words and thoughts carefully....and remember, Its not a slaves place to challenge the free.
4) Slaves do not speak in the first person. Tribe slaves also do not speak OOC in public rooms. Use of brackets " ((.....)) of any type is forbidden. If you must say something OOC do it in whispers, and ask permission to whisper in the room. Slaves should expect to be cuffed should they do either. Remember, a backhand across the face is not punishment, it is a correction. Even if your punishments are reserved, corrections are for all.
5) All Tuchuk Slaves will speak 3rd person in public ... what you do in PR with your owner is their rules. 6) Master's or Mistresses should be treated with equal respect from a slave. NO slave should "ignore" a request from either sex..... just because you are a Kajira, does not mean you should entice just the Master's...... same for kajriu, except, reversed.
7) Do not correct another slaves actions in public....but whisper to them in polite terms.
8) Unruly, disruptive or insolent slaves may be asked to leave camp until their Owner is present to deal with them. The Ubar, Ubara, and Guardian have the right to kill any unruly or disruptive slaves, punishment reserved or not.
9) Slaves do not handle money or weapons. Coins can be placed in a girls mouth or in a sack around her neck. Punishment for such things is up to and including death...there are instances where a Free Person may be lenient and simply whip the slave, who should accept it as a slave should.
10) White silk girls do not press drinking vessels to their "passions," nor do they nadu for any besides their Master/Mistress. All slaves will not nadu with another Free Person sitting next to their owner that is of the opposite sex, they shall tower.
11) A white silk slave means the slave has yet to be opened for pleasures and is untrained. Once the slave is trained and opened, they are red silk. Do not rush to become red silk, for if you are not 100% pleasing in any situation..... serving ... speaking.....manners and sexual..... you may be killed. There is no such thing as a "reserved" slave..... you may be a "preferred" slave to your owner, but even listing such does not "save" you from being used by others..... if you do not want to be used by others, you should remain white silk. Red silk is a passion slave and for one to be "reserved" is death upon their heart..... and torment to the soul.
12) Macros or Power Tools are a lazy way of serving....they are forbidden to be used. There will be swift repercussions for laziness. If a girl is not serving she is to be working.....or begging to serve. An idle slave is in no way pleasing.
13) A Master/Mistress of the tribe does not need to roll to maim correct whip or even kill a slave unless they want to add affect.
14) "Running away" is not only Impossible but also punishable by death should you make it past the hundreds of herd sleen, gnawing at your flesh.
15) Slaves will accept punishments as graciously as they accept praise...if you have to be drug kicking and screaming to the post, then expect more lashes.
16) Tribe slaves are sisters in chains to try to shirk your work onto another shall bring punishment unless a Master/Mistress gives it the OK.
17) Slave's engaging in "horseplay" or any other type of "attention getting" ways...(other than the seductive allure towards a Free person)).... will be punished..... growling, glaring, snarling, jealousy or any form of "visual or verbal back talk" will be corrected.
18) No slave will engage in conversation unless given permission...... the "putting in of a slave's 2 copper" will not be tolerated..... if you open your mouth, other than to Greet or Well wishing.....expect a hand across the face..... whip across your back or gag in your mouth.
19) If trouble arises in the camp, or any other non "safe zone"
I.E.: a Kur enters or an assassin...... slave will immediately leave the room and go to a PR, WITHOUT drawing attention for capture....... slaves will NOT engage in rock throwing or any other form of attack...... to strike or hit a Free Person is punishable by death.
20) When serving beverages....... slaves will ask the Master/Mistress if they wish the drink "tested" (for poison)..... if allowed to test..... the slave WILL NOT put their lips on the vessel, but pour a slight amount into their palm and drink from it. A slaves lips are never to touch the vessel, except for their owners, if they choose.
21) Slaves will never EVER argue with the Free......If a Master/Mistress says the sky is Green and the Grass is Blue........ then so be it...... whining, pouting or sighing is the sign of a bored slave..... and that is not allowed....... keep busy with camp chores and be pleasing..... remember not only does your actions reflect on your owner...but your Ubar, Ubara and Tribe.
22) Free persons are not always right, but by definition they are never wrong...if you really think about it.......a slave always has the last word...that is....Yes Master/Mistress.
23) Slave will never address Krimsonhwk & Crymsong as Ubar or Ubara.....

~_-_~ Laws on Strangers ~_-_~

1) Strangers that approach the Camp of the Tuchuks should be met my outriders. If there are no outriders present at the Camp then a Woman may approach them.
2) The Strangers should be tested for their courage. If it is shown that they lack courage then they shall find Death on the plains. If they show they have courage then they should be met in combat so that they may prove they have the strength to match their courage.
3) If they lose then are aloud to leave from the plains in peace...and perhaps return another day to try there luck.~Give it at least 2 mun days~ If they win they are aloud to enter in Peace to the Camp of the Tuchuks.
4) The Stranger should not draw steel upon a Tuchuk once inside the Camp if he does he shall find Tuchuk steel sheathed inside of him.
5) If a Stranger enters the camp at night he or she should roll 1d20 or 1d21 if Female Warrior 1d22 if Male Warrior to try to even reach the camp to get passed the herd sleens.
1-14 they meet their deaths in the darkness of the plains.
15-18 the sleens catch and wound them but they do not die…one wounded fights with already 5 points in a DM/HM/RM/SM
19-22 they get past the sleens without so much as a scratch.
6) Those who wish to trade with the Tuchuks will be branded on their upper forearm with the sign of the bosk. It is the merchants brand and shows when they come to the Tuchuks to trade they come as slaves. This is of course if their merchandise is found acceptable.
7) If the merchandise of one who comes to trade with the Tuchuks is found poor then they will be slain on the spot. And their cargo taking for the trouble of the Tuchuks in having to speak with them.
8) Strangers can be spoken for by a Member of the Tribe to be aloud in. The Member who speaks for the Stranger places their life with the actions of the stranger and therefor the Stranger need not be tested for courage and the like, as the Tribe members stand with them.
9) Strangers only draw steel in the protection of the Camp. For no other reason besides that except perhaps for a wager.
10) There is no need to spear gamble if one of the Outriders holds a rank above the others he may offer to spear gamble or just take the killing into his own hands.
11) If there is more then one Outrider at the camp and a stranger arrives they should spear gamble if they are of equal rank or unequal but decide to do so.
~Spear gambling is done by dismounting from your kaiila…one person removes there lance and places the tip down in the ground, Everyone walks around the lance leading there kaiila until it falls from where it was towards someone….who ever catches it gets to kill the stranger….just roll 1d# the # being the amount of outriders there who ever number gets it will be the one who gets to fight the stranger~
12) Tarns that do not show the sign of peace or of the messenger are taking as strangers. Strangers being the same Gorean word as enemy they are to be treated as such. And once shot out of the sky they can be used as food for the sleen or the kaiila's.
~If they land out on the plains they roll tarn dice to see if the herd sleen get on them and the tarn...if they land within the camp they don't need to the herd sleen are on the ground and they were in the air~

~_-_~ Miscellaneous Laws ~_-_~

1) Tribe comes before other people of Gor. Vermin of the walls and the such, of course there can some exemptions such as one who has shared grass and earth with a Tuchuk. This still does to put them equal to a Tuchuk it is just as close as any that aren't Tuchuk can come to being it.
2) Prospective Tribe members are not to be killed. If one acts out of place then it shall be dealt with accordingly.
3) OOC and IC crossover is forbidden even on the Plains of Gor.
4) Death is not a resting place in your life. When you have died you are dead gone you cannot come back to the Tribe no matter how good a Story Line you think up. You can make anew screen name and try to get into the tribe once more but the one that died shall always remain dead.
5) Raids are one thing but make no direct action of War against any other Tribe unless it has been given the Ubar's direct approval.
6) If there is something that one does not understand they can simply ask one of the Chain of Command and if they need to know they will be informed.
7) Being a Tuchuk means being of the plains. Not a Man of the city that calls the plains his home and is always in one city or another unless he has business of the Tribe to deal with in those cities. Tuchuk is more of a state of mind one of the Cities might be Tuchuk to be within the Tribe and receive scrolls he must be with the Tribe upon the plains.
8) A Tuchuk Man can fur as many Free Women as he likes. However a Female caught trying to do this might be taken for a slut and collared if it is decided she brought dishonor to her name or tribe.
9) Wagers are Wagers. If you lose a wager you must still give what you lost. You cannot claim that the wager was not good because "whine whine whine" we are Tuchuks not City Dwellers we uphold our ends of bargains or wagers….if not always the way the expect.
10) The challenges of the Living Lance and that of facing the Lance are two challenges that cannot be turned down. Even if not Tuchuk and within our camp they must act as a Tuchuk would on these Matters and compete with either thing or lose and the one who challenged Claims victory.
11) We are not as nice as city dwellers so we skip the first stage of their part on thieves. At first attempt we cut of there right hands instead of notching an ear. At second attempt we remove the left and their feet.