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Hello my Friend...:)

I 'd like you to take a moment and listen to the music that is playing right now as you read this letter. You know, when Neil Diamond and Alan Lindgren sat down to compose the music and write the lyrics to this song, they must have had friends like you and me in mind.......and it says so much about the way I feel about you.

We share so much of our lives with each other. I feel as though I've known you forever. Theres a comfortability between us....and it creates such a nice warm feeling....and yet its amazing to me how I am still learning new things about you during our times together. Sometimes we are so serious and yet, within the same conversation, we can get so silly all of a kids........forgetting for the moment all of lifes problems and we laugh so we enjoy each others company.

During times when our busy lives make it so that we can't be online as much as we'd like, I always find an e-mail waiting for me....from you, to keep in touch and to let me know you're okay and that you're thinking of me.

Its so nice to be able to relax in front of my computer with a cup of coffee and talk with you. I look forward to the times we're able to share. We may have our differences from time to time, but we always talk it through . We are two individuals who have different thoughts and ideas, and yet we are so much alike. There is nothing that we've ever discussed ,or that I can forsee in the future, that won't end on neutral ground and with a smile:) and a hug.(((((Hug***))))

Being with you is just as important to me as being with someone I might see face to face everyday.. You are no less important to me . In fact, in some ways you are more important. There are so many people online that you can talk do I......but we always make it a point to spend time together. That makes me feel special and I hope you feel the same way......We get along so well and with each new day our friendship grows.

There is a very special love that is shared between friends and I feel that love with you.

So , now that you have been listening to the music , please read the lyrics to the song. I want you to know how important you are to me........and the smile that forms across my face when I see the words .......Hello My Friend..:)

An Shayna(copyrighted1999)

Hello again, hello.

Just called to say hello.

I couldn't sleep at all tonight..

And I know its late..

But I couldn't wait.

Hello my FRIEND, hello.

Just called to let you know.

I think about you every night..

When I'm here alone..

And you're at home..


Maybe its been crazy.

And maybe I'm to blame.

But I put my heart above my head.

We've been through it all..

And you love me just the same.

And when you're not there..

I just need to hear.

Hello, my Friend, hello.

Its good to need you so.

Its good to love you like I do..

And to feel this way..

When I hear you say..



Shayna gif was designed by my daughter

Rebecca........Thank you....:))

Live, Laugh and Love each and every day. Hold on tight to your Dreams..and one day...those Dreams may in fact, become Realities:)

9-26-99I would like to give you this award for a touching website....

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9-18-99 What a Beautiful Page. Love the way it's put together and with the
Midi playing. All I can say is Wow .Really your page inpressed me so much. I would like to give you an award. I think your page
is beautiful. Thankyou for making it .

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We would like to reward you with the Love Award as your page is the kind of page that we have been looking for. Your page has the Ryte Love.

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