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Good Morning :)

I Woke Up Very Early This Morning..

And Got Ready To Start My Day.

With A Smile, I Thought Of You..My Friend

And Blew A Kiss Your Way.

Each Night As We Talk To Each Other...

Your Warmth Generates To My Heart.

What Wonderful Thoughts To Wake Up To...

Such A Nice Way For This Day To Start.

So, I'm Sending This Note To Say Thank You!

And Wish You A Day Thats Sunny And Bright.

As I Look Forward To Chatting With You My Friend...

When We Connect....Online.....Tonight....:)

Until Then.......

I'm Sending You A (((((((((HUG*****))))))))

Have A Wonderful Day!!!! :)

An Shayna(copyright1999)

You know I can't smile without you..

Can't smile without you..

I can't laugh.. and I can't sing..

I'm findin' it hard to do anything...

You see I feel sad when you're sad..

I feel glad when you're glad...

If you only knew.. what I'm going through...

I just can't smile..... without you.

You came along... just like a song...

And brightened my day...

Who would have believed...

that you were part of a dream?

Now it all seems.. light years awa.y



Live, Laugh and Love each and every day. Hold on tight to your Dreams..and one day...those Dreams may in fact, become Realities:)

Want to share??? :)

Okay....Okay...One More

(((((((HUG*****)))))) :)

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