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Everybody Helps

This picture was taken at Yakima Firing Center (YFC), Washington in April 1988.

In this scenario, all our combat vehicles were committed to an attack, yet we wanted an edge to help our success. Based on weather information supplied by the intelligence officer, the battalion commander decided to use our M88 recovery vehicles in the attack.

Seeing as how the prevailing winds were blowing toward the enemy, we used the recovery vehicles, which are part of our maintenance team (a few kilometers behind attacking units,) to assist our attack. Thirty minutes before our attack, we lined up three recovery vehicles with their back ends toward the enemy. They turned on their smoke generators and poured thick, white smoke into the engagement area, obscuring the enemy's vision while we attacked.

The thick smoke did its job, completely obscuring our attack. The enemy was not able to engage us on our approach, and we completely overran their positions.

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